Game of Thrones: Let’s talk about that conversation between Sansa and Daenerys


Daenerys and Sansa haven’t exactly warmed up to one another since the dragon queen’s arrival in Winterfell, but they had a moment during tonight’s episode.

During the Game of Thrones premiere, there’s clearly some iciness between Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen. Fans knew it was coming—the season 8 trailers highlighted the tensions between the two women, and it wasn’t likely that Sansa would immediately trust a queen whose ancestors murdered her own family members.

Still, many fans hoped that the two would overcome their differences and grow to respect one another, and we saw our first hint of that happening during tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones. Daenerys approaches Sansa to have a private conversation, and while the whole scene reeks of Daenerys attempting to manipulate the older Stark sister into following her, they still share a few seemingly genuine moments with one another.

Their discussion begins with Daenerys pointing out that the two of them almost agreed on something before, an obvious attempt to bridge their differences. Sansa immediately jumps to the defense of Brienne and Tyrion, insisting that she trusts both of them—and Jaime by association. She’s honest with Daenerys about the situation with Cersei, and the queen has something like respect in her expression because of it.

They then dive into how complicated families are, and Daenerys points out that the two of them have this in common—as well as quite a few other things. “We’ve both known what it means to lead people who aren’t inclined to accept a woman’s rule,” Daenerys tells her, “and we’ve both done a damned good job of it as far as I can tell.” She’s definitely right about that, and it’s a powerful statement for both of their characters.

Daenerys uses this to inquire as to why the two of them are at odds with each other, and Sansa addresses Jon’s feelings for the queen. She points out that men are easily manipulated by love, to which Daenerys replies that she was just as easily manipulated. Instead of going straight for the Iron Throne, she traveled North to help Jon and his people.

Apparently her argument begins to convince Sansa. “I should have thanked you the moment you arrived,” Sansa tells her. “That was a mistake.” It almost seems like the two of them will patch things up at this point, and they even begin joking about Daenerys’ former love — Khal Drogo.

But, of course, things aren’t quite so simple.

Sansa changes the subject, asking Daenerys what happens after they defeat the Night King. “What about the North?” she asks her, and it’s clear that Daenerys doesn’t have an answer for her.

She’s thinking only of obtaining the throne, but not about the future of her people. Sansa also seems to be suggesting that she allow the North to be independent of the Seven Kingdoms, which isn’t a new idea, but also isn’t one Daenerys seems incredibly fond of.

Before the two can debate the topic further, however, Theon arrives and interrupts them. It’s probably a good thing—the way Daenerys moves her hand away at Sansa’s mention of independence doesn’t look promising—but it leaves the discussion open.

Assuming they all survive the Battle for Winterfell, Daenerys and Sansa will need to revisit the topic, and hopefully the two of them will be able to find an amicable way of speaking once more. Of course, before Daenerys and Sansa can worry about kingdoms and thrones, they’ll need to survive the army of the dead.

The Battle for Winterfell with take place on April 28, and it’ll be bigger than who winds up ruling over Westeros.

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