Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2: Did Jon Snow reveal who he is to Daenerys?


Jon Snow reveals the truth about his heritage to someone on tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones, and it’s sure to change everything.

Warning: Below, you’ll find spoilers for tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones

During last week’s season 8 premiere, Samwell Tarly dropped the ultimate truth bomb on Jon Snow by revealing he’s not Jon Snow at all — but Aegon Targaryen.

We’ve since wondered what Jon/Aegon will do with this massive weight of information on his shoulders. With the Night King nearly at Winterfell’s snowy doorstep, it’s clear this isn’t the best time to reveal this news to everyone. But as we saw this Sunday, Jon Snow had to share the news to whom it mattered most — Daenerys.

Tonight’s episode began with noticeable awkwardness between the two lovers. Granted, learning you’ve been sleeping with your aunt isn’t easy to get over right away — if ever.

Daenerys is quick to notice something’s up when she, along with Sansa and Jon, question Jaimie Lannister’s return to Winterfell. Despite Sansa initially siding with Daenerys (seeing as both see Jaime as the man who caused their fathers’ deaths), Brienne of Tarth is able to sway Sansa to offer Jaime mercy. Brienne shares how Jaime’s defended her more than once, and thanks to him, Brienne was able to come and rescue Sansa from the Boltons.

Daenerys turns to Jon for counsel, asking what he thinks they should do with the Kingslayer. Jon reminds Daenerys they need every man they can get to defeat the White Walkers. As the meeting comes to an end, Daenerys tries to get a word in with Jon but he completely ices her out.

We don’t see Jon and Daenerys again until the end of episode 2, following a war council meeting that doesn’t end very positively. (Thanks Tormund for being Captain Grim Obvious – “We’re all going to die but at least we’ll die together.”)

Daenerys finds Jon in the crypts, standing in front of Lyanna Stark’s statue. As the two stare up at Lyanna’s face, Daenerys says she thought her older brother Rhaegar was a kind man. She shares stories of how he liked to sing and give money to the poor, which contrasts deeply with stories of him hurting Lyanna.

Jon Snow turns to Daenerys and goes full Samwell on her, laying it all on the line. He reveals that Rhaegar loved Lyanna and the two were married in secret, and that he’s the result of their marriage. Daenerys immediately has her doubts, but Jon insists it’s true, having been told by both Bran, who saw this in his visions, and Sam, who read about the secret marriage while at the Citadel.

Daenerys continues to be skeptical about this revelation, noting the news came from Jon’s brother and his best friend, which seems suspect to her. She adds that if this is true, this would make Jon the last male heir of House Targaryen and he’d have the best claim to the Iron Throne.

Before the two can discuss this any further, horns are blown to signal the arrival of the White Walkers. This means we’ll have to wait until the Battle of Winterfell, or after that battle more likely, to see what’s to come of Jon and Daenerys’ relationship and how the two will handle this news — together and separately.

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