The Bold Type: High school with a twist


This week’s Bold Type had relationship drama, anatomy lessons, and prom. Basically, it was high school – only WAY better.

Every high school class has “that guy.” Last week on The Bold Type,  Patrick Duchand proved he wasn’t totally that guy. But he backslid pretty hard this week.

First, he forced Jane to team up with Ryan to write about her egg freezing process. Yes, technically Patrick is her editor and gets to choose the stories he wants. But Jane was clearly uncomfortable with the situation. Given that it’s a story about her and her condition, that should’ve carried a bit more weight with Patrick — and Ryan, for that matter.

Don’t get me wrong, his puppy-like loyalty to being involved and helping Jane is adorable, and speaks volumes to how far he’s come since we met him in season one. The situation also led them to having a real discussion about what Jane is going through, and how Ryan feels by being left out, proving once again that he can take things seriously.

The circumstances weren’t ideal, but he and Jane are a stronger couple by the end of the night. Plus, Jane did get him back with her fake pain outburst during her next injection. You earned that, Pinstripe.

Despite all the good that came of it, it was a situation needlessly created by Patrick. Shortly thereafter, his smarm really started showing.

Kat, brilliant as ever, came up with Queer Prom just from a passing comment about Oliver. Naturally, everyone is supportive of it; not only could it save a local spot, but it also gives the LGBTQ community another shot at a rite of passage.

Patrick was so supportive that he offered to try and get Sasha Velour to come out. His response to Jacqueline’s offer to help? An “Aw, that’s sweet” that was positively dripping with condescension.

But, in true Bold Type fashion, he got what was coming to him. Not only did Sasha Velour make it out to the event, she came fully ready to launch Scarlet’s digital Date Night feature, thanks to Jacquelyn. Turns out, the two ladies go way back.

Patrick admitting to his stupidness –  his word, not mine – along with Jacqueline’s silent but clear knowledge of her power was one of the most satisfying moments of the episode.

Unfortunately, Queer Prom didn’t raise enough to save the Wild Susan, but a fire has been lit under Kat. She’s not stopping anytime soon.

Queer Prom did, however, provide for more than a few cute moments between Sutton and Richard. After last week’s hiccup, they’re happier than ever, and they can show it, loud and proud. Richard might’ve been more excited about prom than Sutton, and it was so wonderfully pure.

Unfortunately, it gets cut short when duty calls for Sutton.

Stressful though it may be, Sutton has expertly stepped up to the plate in these first two episodes. She’s clearly found her groove in the fashion department, and she’s more competent than ever. That doesn’t mean Oliver can just disappear though.

That said, he had a pretty good reason.

Dad Oliver is nothing I ever expected to see, and somehow everything I’ve needed from him. His battle to become Carly’s (the daughter of a recently deceased ex) legal guardian will undoubtedly be a powerful storyline, handled with grace by the Bold Type writers room.

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The Bold Type airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.