So many sweet reunions happened last night on Game of Thrones


From the Stark children getting to hug each other again to old friends seeing each other once more, Game of Thrones had some wonderful reunions last night.

Reunions are few and far between on Game of Thrones but last night, we were gifted with quite a few of our favorite characters seeing their siblings, friends, and yes, even foes again. Not all reunions are happy and the season premiere proved that by giving us quite a line-up of characters,

From Jon Snow seeing his living siblings to Jaime and Bran squaring off in the final moments of the premiere, it’s safe to say this premiere may have had the most reunions since… ever?

Arya and the Hound

To say these two still hate each other would be an understatement but maybe it’s a love/hate relationship? Oh, who are we kidding, they can’t stand each other and last night proved it as the two greeted each other cooly, assuming the other would have been dead.

Jorah and Sam

The last these two saw of each other was when Jorah was recovering from his greyscale and now, they’re back in Winterfell together! Maybe we’ll get to see their relationship grow and change throughout this season.

(L to R) Isaac Hempstead Wright as Bran Stark and Kit Harington as Jon Snow – Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Jon and Bran

The last Jon Snow saw of Bran, he was still in a coma from Jaime’s push. Mirroring how Jon said goodbye to his brother, he ran up to Bran and lightly kissed him on the forehead, commenting how Bran was a man now. While he was a little cold towards him, Bran greeted his “brother”, all while knowing that he was actually his cousin.

Arya and Jon

We all cried, right? Arya, who always treated Jon like her big brother and like he was a part of their family (because he was), has always had a lovely relationship with Jon. She kept her sword, Needle, close to her because Jon gave it to her so to see these two reunited was everything we’ve been waiting for.

Sam and Jon

A sweet hug? A laughing, smiling reunion? Can we just end Game of Thrones with this moment so that we don’t have to cry over characters dying? Please?

(L to R) Joe Dempsie as Gendry and Maisie Williams as Arya Stark – Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Arya and Gendry

The “M’lady” comments are back in action as Arya finally got to see Gendry again. The two who escaped King’s Landing together were reunited in Winterfell. There’s buzz now on social media for these two to fall in love — but does a girl really need a man?

Sansa and Tyrion

Husband and wife reunited once more, Sansa saw Tyrion and he provided her with the best quote, saying, “many underestimated you; most of them are dead now”. And… he’s right. Everyone who underestimated Sansa watched as she rose to power because our girl is strong, intelligent, and a perfect leader.

Jaime and Bran

Ever watch the end of an episode of Game of Thrones and just laugh? Not a good laugh but a “oh no” laugh? That’s what happened when Jaime turned around and saw Bran sitting behind him in Winterfell and we can’t wait to see what happens with that relationship next episode.

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