Ginny Weasley deserves some love


Ginny Weasley is one of the most underrated cool characters in the Harry Potter series, and she deserves way more love than she gets.

And she’s definitely more than the love interest of Harry Potter.

In fact, for most of the series, she’s hardly that. She’s Ron’s little sister first and foremost, part of the family that welcomes Harry Potter with open arms. After that she’s the girl possessed by Tom Riddle’s diary, the one who had a crush on Harry and then got over it, a member of Dumbledore’s Army, and only after all of those things, Harry’s girlfriend.

Even after they break up, though, Ginny is much more than just the girl who waited for the hero to come save her, more than the stereotypical damsel in distress. She’s also, very importantly, a very different character than Hermione and Luna, not just another cookie-cutter female character thrown in there for the sake of having more women.

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She’s her own person, and she’s a badass.

Let’s, after all, remember she’s also the girl who stayed at Hogwarts and kept Dumbledore’s Army alive, alongside Neville and Luna, the girl who fought back against literal Death Eaters every day.

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And she’s the girl who survived not just that, but the Battle of Hogwarts, and not by staying on the sidelines, either.

Plus yes, she’s the girl Harry Potter ended up marrying.

But that’s not nearly all she is – and sometimes, in making her just that, people tend to ignore the reason why Harry ended up falling for her. It’s not because she was a Weasley and he wanted to be part of the family, it’s not because she was there and Hermione was somehow taken, and it’s not even because she was sassy and fearless and funny, though all of that played a part.

No, if you ask me, Harry fell in love with Ginny for the same reason so many book readers did, because she saw Harry for who he really and truly was and she didn’t shrink back, she wasn’t scared, and she never asked him to be less than who he needed to be.

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Instead, she was just Ginny Weasley, and that was exactly what Harry wanted – and needed.