Tony Stark will likely survive Avengers: Endgame, but Iron Man won’t


Pregnancy hints and themes of mentorship in Infinity War makes us think that Tony Stark will survive Avengers: Endgame, but Iron Man won’t.

As we get closer to Avengers: Endgame’s release date, fans have been speculating on whether their favorite heroes will survive the movie. Who will sacrifice themselves to try to defeat Thanos? Who might live to fight evil another day? After all, the Endgame trailer has the tagline repeated by multiple characters: “Whatever it takes.”

What does that look like for Iron Man, also known as Tony Stark?

What is Tony Stark’s status up until Endgame?

In the Endgame trailer, we see Tony Stark on The Benatar with oxygen running out, saying, “I know we said no more surprises, but I was really hoping to pull off one last one.” We know that despite his dire situation, Iron Man will make his way into the inevitable battle that the remaining Avengers will have against Thanos. The biggest confirmation of this is a recent clip shared by Marvel that shows Pepper and Tony reuniting on Earth in a loving embrace.

Will Iron Man survive Endgame?

I think Tony will live. The theme of fatherhood and mentorship keep popping up in Infinity War and the recent Spider-Man: Homecoming. We see him trying to mentor Peter Parker throughout Homecoming, and more heartbreakingly, we see Iron Man holding a scared Spider-Man as he turns to dust in Infinity War.

Of course, there are also hints that Pepper Potts might be pregnant in Infinity War, which starts with Tony relating his dream about her being pregnant, to which she categorically says no. Then she seems incredibly peeved that he ends up on the alien ship, even demanding repeatedly that he come back before the transmission cuts out. I think her exasperation plus the dreams suggest that she is pregnant with Tony’s child.

Endgame will see Iron Man pull out all the stops to make sure that he and Pepper can enjoy their life as a family. The end of Endgame could even feature an over-the-top Stark wedding that fans have been hoping for, as noted by Bustle.

As for Iron Man, I believe that role will come to an end. His legacy and moral code though may live on in a worthy successor, such as Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. (Plus, we’re not ready to see Tony and Peter’s hilarious dynamic end anytime soon).

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Until April 26, we can only speculate who will survive Endgame. Let us know your biggest Iron Man theories in the comments below.