Harry Potter’s main message is about the enduring power of friendship


There are many lessons to be taken from the Harry Potter series, but the most important one is about the enduring power of friendship.

Looking back on Harry Potter as an adult, it’s clear to see there were many messages in the series. From the not-so-subtle political undertones to the way the series underscored the importance of kindness and tolerance.

But perhaps the most important message of the Harry Potter series has to do with friendship.

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Friendship is, after all, at the core of everything this book series, and every subsequent movie adaptation, has to say. Harry is a hero, yes, but he isn’t a hero just because he was marked by Voldemort, he’s a hero because of his heart, and yes, because of his friends.

Seriously, if you think Harry would have survived to take on Voldemort without the people around him, you weren’t really paying attention.

It’s easy to point to Hermione as the #1 reason Harry, and everyone else, even survived, and that’s very much on point. She’s always clearly the smartest and most well-prepared character, but everyone from Ron to Neville, and even Ginny and Luna play a part in getting Harry to the end.

Because they stick with him. Because they never give up.

Friendship isn’t always about what people can actually do for you physically, it’s often times about what they do for you mentally, what it means for you to have support, to have love, to have, well, friends.

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Growing up the way Harry did, basically alone, means the very first taste of family he got was with Ron and Hermione, and the Weasleys, and his family at Hogwarts, and that’s as much a reason he defeated Voldemort as the magic inside him.

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As Dumbledore would say, love is the most powerful magic there is, and in his friends, Harry has that in spades.