You can channel your inner Marvel superhero and earn runDisney Marvel swag


Do you have an inner Marvel superhero waiting to be revealed? With runDisney Marvel virtual runs series, you can earn some awesome fandom swag.

RunDisney Marvel virtual runs series challenges fans to channel their inner Marvel superhero. While fans might obsess over who survives the upcoming Avengers movie, everyone can survive this summer’s runDisney virtual series. For that effort, the ultimate Marvel swag awaits.

For Disney fans and runners, runDisney events are immensely fun. From Star Wars weekends to the annual marathons weekends, these events celebrate not just the physical activity but also the fans’ bond to the characters. Where else is it acceptable to run a 5K in a Princess Leia outfit?

The summer virtual series is a little different. Run where you want, when you want. This year’s summer’s series is a great way for Marvel fans, runners and just about anyone to be active throughout the summer.

For the Marvel fan, this running series is a great way to get some serious Marvel swag. Each 5K comes with its own medal. If you have never seen a runDisney medal, they are quite impressive. Truthfully, the entry fee is totally worth the medal.

The three race themes this year are Captain Marvel, Iron Man and Black Panther. Fans can sign up for one or participate in all three for the ultimate reward.

The 80 Years of Marvel three-race participant medal is a must-get. That medal will quickly become a Marvel fan collector’s item. Just think of the envy that your friends will have.

Since these raced are virtual, the competition aspect is a little less structured. Each race is on the honor system. As long as you do a 5K (whether another local race, training run or just a walk with your family), that activity counts. You earn your medal.

In a way, this race series encourages Marvel fans to get up and get active. Everyone has seen Brie Lawson’s epic workout prep for Captain Marvel. Maybe this race series could spark a fitness kick in your world. After all, superheroes don’t sit on the couch all day.

Having participated in several runDisney races, the virtual ones are a little different than the on-property Disney races. Last year, I participated in The Incredibles racing series. All my medals (completing the summer challenge) arrived in a box at the beginning of June.

Now, it would be totally wrong to sign up for this event just for the medals. Everyone should do the 5Ks. But, no matter if you finish your 5K in 25 minutes or 2 and a half hours, participants earn the medals. Isn’t moving 3.1 miles worth a Marvel medal?

Each runDisney virtual race is $40; the runDisney Virtual Challenge is $145.

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Are you ready to channel your Marvel superhero and get moving this summer? Some runDisney Marvel swag from runDisney Marvel virtual runs could make this summer epic.