The witches and wizards of the real world: What if the Harry Potter universe existed?


We always want to exist in the Harry Potter world but what would it mean if the wizards and witches we grew up loving were actually real and existed in our own world?

The world has a long history with witches and wizards and one of the reasons we love the Harry Potter series so much is because we want to be a part of it. There is a beauty to the magic that the world of Harry and his friends gave audiences throughout the year and we all wish it existed.

But there has been ‘proof’ that witches and wizards are part of our history. Whether it is Salem or the trials we used to perform out of fear of the unknown, there is a part of the world that always has been surrounded by the idea that witches and wizards are out there and we could find them and be one of them if we wanted to.

Sure, the Harry Potter world doesn’t exist. That’s something that we can all agree on but connecting it back to real-world scenarios just makes us feel a kind of connection to the series in a new and fun way. Or maybe we just want to live in a world where magic is real and we can master it if we have the ability.

We had to come up with magic from somewhere so, maybe it isn’t as far fetched for us to want to believe that a world like Harry’s exists and we can all connect to it in real life. But…can we go to Hogwarts though?

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Do you think there was ever the existence of witches and wizards? Would the world of Harry Potter