Hermione Granger and her ambition: Is it a bad lesson for young girls or a great one?


Dedicated to her lessons and fixing the problems in her life, Hermione Granger was an inspiration to many. But is it the right kind of lesson to be teaching young children?

Hermione Granger is the kind of character that led many of us into studying harder, embracing our love of reading, and changing the way that we saw our own intelligence. But was her dedication to her own ambition a great example for many growing up?

Honestly, yes. For so long, we didn’t have anyone to look up to, didn’t really have anyone who would throw themselves into their studies and their own education. Her ambition led to her being a valuable friend and person to have around in a crisis and she is the reason that Ron Weasley and Harry Potter ended up surviving so many instances.

So yes, her ambition often was seen as a bad thing by her fellow students and even her professors but, in reality, Hermione Granger’s dedication to her own education was a wonderful thing to see. We were able to watch as she grew and continued to remain true to herself and that’s what we got to relate to.

For so many characters, they’d change to fit those around them and adapt but Hermione never stopped learning and never stopped being dedicated to her work and, because of that, she ended up being the Minister of Magic and even being Harry Potter’s boss by the end. She’s a great character to look up to.

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Do you think Hermione Granger and her willpower was a great lesson for us all to learn? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and let us know what Hermione Jean Granger means to you!