Harry Potter isn’t the best hero that’s ever existed in canon but he’s our hero


When it comes to Harry Potter, he’s not the best hero. But he is the one that was chosen and ended up saving the world, even if he didn’t necessarily want to.

Harry Potter is best described as a reluctant hero. He isn’t exactly the best and if his friends weren’t there to help him, he’d definitely be dead. But because he has a wonderful group of friends who were willing to help him, Harry managed to be the hero we needed to take on Lord Voldemort.

There is an argument that he is a hero because of the prophecy and that everything was preset but then that same argument could have been said to Voldemort when he went to try and kill Harry and Neville when they were babies. What we do know though is that Harry Potter became a hero because of those people around him who were willing to help him.

Hermione Granger was there to help Harry figure out the best way to get things done. Ron Weasley was there to always have Harry’s back. Those adult figures in their lives helped to guide them in the right direction and so when Harry Potter is labeled as a ‘hero’, it is true but also it is important to note that he didn’t do it alone.

He is the kind of character that would have definitely been dead had Hermione and Ron not been there to help him. But they were and so he may be a flawed hero but he is ours.

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Do you think that Harry Potter is the best hero? Or did he just luck out with the people that he had helping him? Tell us what you think about Potter in the comments below!