The Goldstein sisters: What’s interesting about Queenie and Tina Goldstein


Tina Goldstein is an interesting character all on her own and then if you add Queenie to the mix, we have the very intriguing Goldstein sisters to unpack.

When Tina Goldstein appeared, many fans knew what it meant for Newt Scamander. But we didn’t know that much about Queenie Goldstein. To be fair, we don’t know much about the characters from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series because we’re still learning about them.

Queenie is a bit of a mystery still, the kind of the character who we never really understand. Take, for instance, her choice to go with Grindelwald. It was a point of contention with fans because of the history of the sisters but she did it trying to find a world where she could openly love Jacob without the world trying to stop them.

Tina just wants to protect her sister, looking out for her and putting her own needs to the side to do so for her. And it is this dedication that makes their relationship interesting. Queenie almost doesn’t need Tina, can exist without her sister, but Tina, who is arguably the stronger of the two, needs her sister. Or at least needs to know that she is looked after and safe. And that’s all on Tina. Queenie never asked for it and can take care of herself but she stays with her sister because the two characters love each other.

What is going to happen with Tina and Queenie in the future? We’ll have to see in the third Fantastic Beasts and find out!

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