19 most dramatic and over-the-top Disney villains

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Ratigan — The Great Mouse Detective

World domination is a classic villain demand, but few do it in such a nonsense way as Professor Ratigan, the greedy criminal mastermind of The Great Mouse Detective.

Truly, never has the term been more loosely applied. It is a name he has clearly given himself, and he even has a whole song complete with an unnecessary harp interlude (but really when is anything that these villains do necessary?).

Rats once again find themselves unfairly maligned as Ratigan attempts to take over the world and become “supreme ruler of all mousedom,” a fate that has clearly been whispered to him by his own delusions of grandeur. No Disney villain ever simply wants to have a quiet life, do they?

No, certainly not Ratigan. He dresses for the job he wants, and as such, his cape game is on point. Unfortunately, his choice of attire is very nearly his downfall in the movie’s climax, but we still appreciate his commitment to sartorial drama. The cape maketh the villain, as the best Disney nemeses well know. He is a truly fancy rat.

Also, this rat is a professor! If his title is to be believed, this villainous vermin has a PhD, has somehow trained a cat to be his pet, and owns a blimp (truly the most dramatic mode of transport).

He is really very good at playing the harp too, as we’ve discussed, which begs the question why he didn’t just charge extortionate amounts to play it at rodent weddings or become a session mousician.

An opportunity missed.