10 essential Parks and Rec episodes to watch when you’re missing Pawnee

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Season 4, Episode 4: “Pawnee Rangers”

Another well-known phrase that originated with Parks and Rec is “treat yo’self.” We all know people who tout the importance of treating yourself, but not everyone realizes that Tom and Donna began this trend during the fourth season episode “Pawnee Rangers.”

During the episode, viewers get to accompany Tom and Donna on their annual “treat yo’self” day, a day during which they indulge in all sorts of luxuries. They buy themselves nice things, eat delicious meals, and even get massages. It’s a promising day for the two of them, but then Donna suggests bringing Ben along on their trip. He’s been feeling lousy, and they believe he needs a “treat yo’self” day to recover.

Sadly, Ben doesn’t feel any better after his day with Donna and Tom, so they play on his nerdier interests and convince him to buy a Batman outfit. While he’s trying it on, he opens up about why he’s been feeling morose and starts sobbing. It’s an uncomfortable moment for everyone, onscreen and off, but it’s made even more outrageous by the fact that Ben’s still wearing the Batman suit. If you’ve ever wondered what Batman would look like sobbing, “Pawnee Rangers” holds the answers.

And the “treat yo’self” mentality isn’t the only great thing to come out of “Pawnee Rangers.” Viewers also get to see Leslie, Ann, and April intrude on Ron’s all-boys camping trip with a troop he runs, similar to the Boy Scouts. In response to Ron’s refusal to admit girls into the group, Leslie started her own troop, aptly titled the Pawnee Goddesses.

Leslie brings the Pawnee Goddesses on a camping trip at the same time as Ron, creating all kinds of competition between the two of them. Much to Ron’s chagrin, the boys decide that they might want to join the Pawnee Goddesses too. And, if we’re being honest, can we really blame them?