10 essential Parks and Rec episodes to watch when you’re missing Pawnee

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Season 7, Episode 13: “One Last Ride: Part 2”

The series finale of Parks and Rec is an emotional one, but it’s always worth a rewatch, especially for any Pawnee Goddesses feeling nostalgic for their favorite show. “One Last Ride: Part 2” is a satisfying episode for fans who watched Leslie grow as a character for seven seasons, bringing her story and career to new and exciting places.

As the characters prepare to say goodbye to one another, fans find out that Leslie has been asked to run for governor of Indiana—a proposition that is a dream come true for her. Later in the episode, viewers get a flash-forward to Leslie giving a speech after having served two successful terms as governor. It’s a well-deserved moment, especially given how hard she works throughout the show’s seven seasons to earn such a role.

During the two-part finale, viewers also get peeks into the futures of the other characters. After some contention regarding whether or not they’ll ever have kids, Andy and April wind up having a son. Their flash-forward scene is adorable and will give Parks and Rec fans all of the feels. The other characters also see success in the future, with Tom publishing a book, Ron finding a different job, Donna starting a non-profit, and Jerry—now Garry—becoming mayor of Pawnee.

The final scene is a bittersweet one, with all of the members of the Parks Department gathering to say goodbye to one another. They take a final photo together, highlighting each of the characters’ personalities with one last one-liner. At the end, Ben asks Leslie, “Are you ready, babe?” And while he could be talking about the photo, it’s clear that this final line is also questioning whether she’s ready for everything to come. There’s only one possible answer she could close the series with: “Yes.”

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