Crazy Ex-Girlfriend review: Rebecca can’t make a decision, but we have


On this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rebecca went on three dates with Josh, Nathaniel, and Greg and she may not have made a decision on who to date but we did.

Three dates, that’s all Rebecca had to complete on this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and then she could finally make a decision on who to date. But as she went on each date, she just seemed to get even more confused about who she wanted to be with more.

Was it Josh Chan, who took her on a date in their backyard with a beautiful tent and a look at the stars? Or was it Nathaniel Plimpton III who tried to take her to a concert that was Michael Buble singing show tunes but instead, they danced to weird jazz music?

At the end though, Rebecca didn’t want to go on a date with Greg. Not because she didn’t want to be with him but because all these grand romantic gestures weren’t showing her that they loved her. They were showing her what they were willing to do to win her over though.

So when Greg’s car breaks down as Rebecca is about to tell him she doesn’t want to go on a date, the two go to the car shop together, sitting and just talking about everything and it is abundantly clear that Greg doesn’t have to go through all these grand gestures to prove to Rebecca that he’s right for her because he just is.

He says “You know you’re the love of my life, right?” It is a perfect encapsulation of these two characters. They don’t always verbalize their feelings, they don’t always do the best by each other but they’re always there for one another and, seemingly, the others best fit.

Even when Greg was away and not talking to Rebecca, there was something missing from the story and it wasn’t until he returned in season 4 that we, as the audience, could see what it was. Even when she was happy and getting married, there was still a Greg shaped hole missing.

Does this mean they’re going to end up together? We don’t know. The end of the episode left it opened ended with Greg opening up to Rebecca and her recognizing that she now knows that Greg loves her is all we got.

Will next week open with Rebecca’s confession to Greg? Or will she still be evaluating her relationships with all three men in the coming episode? After all, now all of Rebecca’s friends lost their bets against who she would choose since Rebecca and Greg didn’t technically go on a date.

Personally, I think it is best if Greg and Rebecca actually talk about their feelings for one another because that was what was lacking in both of her other dates. Romantic gestures are one thing but fully understanding someone is another.

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