15 must-watch singing acts from America’s Got Talent

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Jayna Brown

Jayna Brown’s voice is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Her range and ability to hold a note are that of a professional singer. Brown mentioned that she found her inspiration for music through her mother who would always play the old hits from back in the day. From Ella Fitzgerald to Diana Ross and the Temptations, her music list continued to expand.

Because of her love of the classics, she auditioned with Ella Fitzgerald’s “Summertime.” Everyone who was there that night was blown away by how she made that song her own and put her heart and soul into it. Brown made it to semi-finals of season 11, but was then sent home along with Linkin’ Bridge.

Nowadays, Brown continues to pursue her dream to become a singer. She became a part of the Compton Kidz Club, an organization dedicated to encouraging and enriching the lives of young girls who are interested in music and dance and come from harsh backgrounds. The group was recently on The Steve Harvey Show where they sang Diane Warren’s “I’ll Fight.”

Jayna also continues to perform for benefits and is a motivational speaker for young African-American girls all over the United States.