Harry Potter and the fans: Why we all still need to turn to the series time and time again


Watching the Harry Potter films or rereading the books is important to us, as fans, because this series reminds us all about friendship, love, and the importance of what you believe in.

Harry Potter clearly means a lot to us all. We wouldn’t be reading articles about it or writing about it if it didn’t. But it is sometimes important to go back and look at the series as a whole and remind ourselves what it was teaching us.

For Harry, it was about building his own family. Sure, at large, it was about taking down Voldemort but he couldn’t do it without those around him. And when we examine that, as fans, we’re reminded that this series means more to us because of who we shared it with, whether that be other fans, our friends and family, or the characters themselves.

Is that maybe what makes this series so special? The idea of all being included? Definitely, it is why we all still feel so strongly about it. No matter what, we want to support this series because it taught us about feeling connected and loved. And now, in 2019, it is important to go back and revisit that from time to time.

We shouldn’t just forget why the Harry Potter series has meant so much to us, we should return to it and start to look at the themes and messages we may have missed when we were first reading it. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you what it was like first reading these books because I was so young. So maybe going back while we’re older is a smart idea anyway.

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Do you still reread the series? Is it always something you’ll go back to? Let us know how you still connect to the Harry Potter series in the comments below!