6 questions we need answered after watching The 100 season 6 trailer


The CW finally released the trailer for sixth season of The 100, and things aren’t looking any less intense for our heroes—even with a new planet and fresh start.

It’s a good week to be a fan of The 100, especially one who has been eagerly awaiting details about the show’s sixth season. After revealing the sixth season poster on Wednesday, the CW finally released the long-awaited trailer.

Things aren’t looking any less intense for our faves, even if they have discovered a brand new planet.

Watch the season 6 trailer here:

The trailer opens with Monty’s speech from last season’s finale, as fans get an aerial view of the new planet he discovered. It then goes into Abby and Kane discussing how “everything that happened happened so we can get here.” Sadly, the hopeful tone disappears not long after their discussion, replaced by tensions between the characters and new conflicts in the new world.

There’s plenty of content to break down from the season 6 trailer, along with many questions that we need answered after watching it.

Will Bellamy and Clarke recover from the betrayals of last season?

Showrunner Jason Rothenberg and Bob Morley confirmed in an interview with TV Guide that Bellamy and Clarke would have some obstacles to overcome before trusting one another again. And given all that happened during season 5, that’s understandable. After six years apart, the two of them reunited only to discover that they no longer knew one another the way they used to—and that they no longer prioritized the same things.

This led Bellamy to betray Clarke’s trust by placing the flame in Madi’s head, an action that Clarke answered by leaving him to die in the fighting pits. And even though the two seemed to be on better terms at the end of season 5, it looks like Bellamy isn’t fully ready to forgive her just yet. Early in the trailer, we get a voiceover of him telling her, “You called me every day for six years, and you left me to die in the fighting pits.” To Clarke’s credit, she actually sounds sorry for doing so.

And Bellamy apparently isn’t the only one harboring ill feelings toward Clarke as we head into season 6. Right after Bellamy’s comment, fans get a shot of Raven yelling a similar sentiment at her former friend. “Every time you do something horrible, you say you’re sorry,” Raven tells her. “And then you do it again.”

These characters have a lot of distance to bridge if they’ve ever going to get back to where they used to be with one another. Clarke was willing to lay down her life for these friends, but they all seem to have forgotten their former loyalty to one another—and they’re going to need it in the new world.

How will Octavia fit into this new society?

Between fighting a war and the world ending—again—it seemed that everyone had forgotten Octavia’s crimes at the end of season 5. Sure, they weren’t embracing her as one of them. But none of the characters outwardly persecuted her for the choices she made.

But judging by the trailer, many of our characters are about to remember their gripes with the former commander. In fact, we get several clips of Octavia fighting with people—even being surrounded at one point, then brutally punched into a metal bar at another. Judging by how much she’s bleeding in the clips, she’s gotten quite a beating from someone.

These clips are followed by Octavia asking Bellamy to say that she’s still his sister, only to have him respond, “My sister died a long time ago.” So much for a truce between the Blake siblings.

Octavia’s going to have to prove herself if she’s ever going to gain the trust of her people again. And if nearly dying for Bellamy, Indra, and Gaia wasn’t enough to foster some civil feelings between her and her brother, it’s hard to say what will get her back in his good graces.

What sort of new world are the characters landing on?

Our first look at the new planet in the trailer shows children happily running and laughing, surrounded by what appears to be a flourishing society. We even get a glimpse of Clarke entering a nightclub, as her voiceover states, “From what I’ve seen, these people are happy. Their world works.” And, at first glance, it looks like she’s right.

But this quaint picture of the new world is quickly followed up with some incredibly dark sequences. Not only is there psychosis brought on by eclipses—which we’ll dive into next—but there also appears to be a more primitive population on the outskirts of this pleasant society. Their attire resembles that of the grounders during the show’s earlier seasons, and whoever’s speaking to Clarke about this new planet claims that these people want them dead.

Such a statement blows a few holes in this illusion of peace that we see earlier. The society Clarke and Bellamy discover—which we learn at the end of the trailer is actually called Sanctum—appears to be a tranquil one, but the more we see of their world, the more fans have to question whether it’s true.

What is eclipse-induced psychosis?

As soon as the trailer heads into darker territory, fans get a glimpse of the two suns eclipsing one another. It’s followed by the characters descending into madness, which is clearly caused by the situation with the suns. A shot of Bellamy looking angry and out of sorts is followed by Jackson picking up a knife, which he later stabs Miller with—an obvious sign that something’s off.

There’s a quick shot of a book entitled Red Sun Rising, which may explain why the eclipse has these effects on the characters. Then we get a lot of screaming from Clarke and the others, who seem to be struggling internally. It’s possible that this eclipse-induced psychosis is how they’re forced to “face their demons.” It may even force them to relive some of the terrible events from the past few seasons.

It’ll be interesting to discover why eclipse-induced pyschosis happens to our heroes, but it’s possible that they’re just unused to the natural elements of the new planet. While their blood gave them an advantage on Earth, their time residing in Sanctum may not bring out the same benefits. As Clarke puts it, they “have no idea how to survive down here.” And it seems even their bodies haven’t got a clue.

Who is the new commander Madi’s seeing?

Ever since Bellamy and Gaia put the flame in Madi’s head, the commanders have been showing her visions and offering her advice. But later in the trailer, Madi gives fans one more thing to worry about, stating that she keeps seeing a commander who “frightens her.”

This comes from Madi as she’s chained up, a moment fans witness after Clarke says “her child is out there.” It seems that Madi falls into the wrong hands at some point this season, but whether her captors are the cause of this new commander’s appearance remains unclear. From what we see in the trailer, the person seems to be someone only Madi can see—suggesting that either the flame is acting strangely in this new world or the eclipse-induced psychosis is getting to the girl.

Regardless of why Madi’s seeing this commander, though, there’s clearly some importance being placed on the character. Madi’s fear suggests that they’re an enemy, but it’s possible the commander could serve as a warning to Madi and her people as well. It wouldn’t be the first time one of the commanders stepped in to warn her about something.

Is it too late to “be the good guys”?

If you’re landing on a new planet after destroying your own—for the third time, mind you—it’s probably a good idea to keep that particular detail quiet from any new people you meet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Bellamy and Clarke got that memo.

The leader of this seemingly peaceful society, played by Chris Argent, doesn’t seem to trust the newcomers, and who can blame him? In a voiceover later in the trailer, he says, “These people are dangerous. They will burn this world down, just like their last one.” As much as we want our favorite characters to get their fresh start, the guy sort of has a point. It’s a sentiment Jasper had: that the people living on Earth were the problem.

In another clip, not long after his harsh words regarding Clarke and her people, Clarke assures him that they can change. “I believe you want to,” he responds, “but I don’t believe you can.” Again, this seems harsh to viewers who have been rooting for Clarke and her friends for the past five seasons. But we’ve seen the characters on The 100 try to take the high road over and over, and we’ve repeatedly seen them fail.

So, the question this season seems to ask is, can Clarke and her friends “be the good guys”? Unfortunately, fans might not like the answer.

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Hopefully, we’ll have answers to all these questions soon. The sixth season of The 100 premieres on April 30.