Will Angelina Jolie be the next big star to join the MCU?


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is already filled with big, Oscar-winning names. Angelina Jolie might be the next one to join in.

From Brie Larsen to Lupita Nyong’o — and many, many more — the Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with talented, award-winning actresses who have more than earned their roles as superheroes, warriors, and overall strong female characters.

You can never have too much fierce femininity in the superhero scene, and it’s possible that Angelina Jolie will be the next big star to join the ranks.

Jolie is said to be “in talks” with Marvel about starring in The Eternals, according to The Hollywood ReporterThe Eternals hasn’t been officially announced by Marvel Studios yet and probably won’t be for a while. (Pretty much all future Marvel film announcements are on hold until Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26.)

The Eternals, created in 1976, are a race of immortal humans sworn to protect Earth with their cosmic energy powers. (Remember Star-Lord’s dad, Ego? Kind of like that, except less evil).

If the rumors are true, Jolie might have a role in the Marvel-verse as a superpowered person — either as an Eternal or a Celestial (the beings that created Eternals). She has nothing to lose by doing so — the success of MCU films over the past decade proves that. And Marvel Studios can’t lose by bringing another Oscar winner to the table.

Some have speculated that a movie in the next phase of the MCU may focus on a love story between two Eternals. It’s possible the female role, in this case, could go to hers truly.

So, is Jolie the right person to play a character in a superhero movie? She did play Fox in the 2008 film adaption of Wanted, giving her an action/adventure credit. But she’s known for nailing every single role she takes on, regardless of whether or not the film as a whole was worthy of her presence.

She’s also already in with Disney, currently working on multiple projects under the company’s direction (including a Maleficent sequel). It’s likely she probably wouldn’t mind picking up another role, especially under a franchise as big as this, and neither would we.

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The Eternals won’t be out for a while, so there’s time to speculate on who she’ll be. Which character do you think she could portray? Let us know in the comments.