The 100’s poster for season 6 prompts new fan theories of what’s to come


The official poster for the sixth season of The 100 is finally here, and it’s prompting new fan theories about the show’s future.

Though the sixth season of The 100 is only a month away, fans have gotten little insight into where the series will go this year. Following a shocking season 5 finale with some major surprises — including a 125-year time jump and a completely new planet — it seems that the showrunners are determined to keep what’s coming under wraps, at least until the new season finally airs.

But after keeping quiet since last summer, Jason Rothenberg began teasing some big reveals on Twitter earlier this week, advising anyone who doesn’t want spoilers to “look away.”

He later shared a photo from the still yet-to-be-released trailer (seen above), and yesterday he dropped the gorgeous official poster for the upcoming season (seen below).

The poster stands out from those released for the earlier seasons, most of which show Clarke and her friends facing whichever threat is plaguing them that season. The season six poster, however, is very colorful, depicting two Clarkes looking down at what seems to be a part of the new planet our heroes are headed to. In the middle, the poster reads “Face your demons.”

Of course, the image’s release immediately prompted fan theories about what’s to come on The 100. Fans know little about the new planet our heroes will be living on, other than the fact that it will be “unlike anything they’ve seen before.

And the fact that there are two Clarkes on the poster has some believing that the new planet might be a mirror of Earth. Everything in the poster seems to be duplicated, and Bellamy and Clarke do point out that the new planet has two suns during the fifth season finale. A mirror world would certainly be an interesting means of the characters “facing their demons,” particularly if they have to come to terms with what life would be like if they’d made different choices.

Of course, it’s more likely that having two Clarkes on the poster is a metaphor, representing the fact that all of our characters are going to face some serious internal struggles this year. If the new planet is more peaceful than Earth, Clarke and her friends are going to have plenty of time to think about the mistakes they made last season—and during the seasons that came before.

In an interview with TV Guide, Rothenberg and Bob Morley, who plays Bellamy on the show, confirmed that the characters will not only need to forgive themselves for the things they’ve done; they’ll also need to forgive one another. The show’s sixth season is going to have a large focus on rebuilding trust between Clarke and Bellamy, especially after he put the flame in Madi’s head and Clarke left him to die. Bellamy, obviously, will also need to restore his relationship with his sister.

So, the mirrored images could certainly represent the past and future. Our characters will need to face the consequences of their past to move on and “be the good guys,” something Monty clearly wanted for them.

Many fans believe that the artwork in the middle could represent the moral struggle, as well, diving into the shapes that can be found in the poster:

With any luck, fans of The 100 will soon have a trailer to back up their theories about season 6 — or maybe completely upend them. With all of the information dropping this week, it seems likely we’ll get our first look at the “New World” within the next couple of weeks.

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And we don’t have long to wait. The sixth season premieres on April 30.