Draco Malfoy is no romantic hero, he’s a bully


There’s been a tendency in the last few years to romanticize Draco Malfoy, but if we examine his actions in the books, Draco is nothing but a bully.

I know, I know. Tom Felton is cute, and he’s charming, and he’s an all-around good guy off-screen. So he makes it very, very hard, to look at the Draco Malfoy of the Harry Potter films as just a bad guy. But, if we take Tom Felton out of the equation and focus only on Draco Malfoy’s book doings, he’s anything but a romantic ideal.

He’s not a tortured boy pushed towards making the wrong choice, he’s not a victim of his parent’s beliefs, and he’s most definitely not crying out for help. No. He is a bully, and worst of all, he’s a bully that uses someone else’s power to lord over others.

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Because Draco Malfoy isn’t really powerful. It’s only his connection to his father, and his father’s connection to Voldemort, that gives him any kind of status within Hogwarts.

Well, that and his money.

He uses both of those indiscriminately to position himself within Hogwarts as the antithesis to Harry; as the ying to his yang. But in truth, we all know Harry’s real enemy is much larger and much more powerful than Draco Malfoy.

But, some will say, in the end, he makes the right choice! He deserves recognition for that. And yet, I ask you, does he?

Does he truly make a choice? Or does he react as any normal person would when faced with the kind of ultimate evil that isn’t really benevolent, whether you are on his side or not?

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The truth of the matter is, Draco Malfoy does not renounce Voldemort, any more than he renounces the ideals of blood purity the Dark Lord believes in. He’s just too scared and too good at self-preservation to continue fighting a losing battle.

His mother makes a choice, one born out of love for her family, not a desire to do the right thing. Draco makes no such thing, he merely follows along, once again, with what his parents want, what they believe.

And that makes him real, yes, but it doesn’t make him heroic in any way, shape or form. He remains, at most, a wannabe bully who was stripped of his perceived power and had to learn to live after that, plain and simple.

So, let’s not let Tom Felton’s charisma confuses us into thinking Draco Malfoy wasn’t that bad. He really, really was.

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