Doom Patrol preview: A journey into the team’s psyche


The next episode of Doom Patrol will feature a team therapy session, and we can expect some real drama.

After saving the world, teaming up with the bad guy, starting a cult, and meeting their predecessors, the Doom Patrol is once again left to their own devices without their mentor, Niles Caulder (the Chief). While the Chief’s gone, the team will go to therapy — or at least look into some therapeutic consultation of sorts.

The team is still without supervision. Sure, they have Victor and Cliff, who more routinely combat each other’s authority, but they’re still the implicit leaders of the group. Without Niles, the team is susceptible to a lot of threats both within their Doom Manor (i.e. themselves and their lack of experience) and explicit villains. However, this week’s episode will act as a discovery-led journey, seeing as the Doom Patrol will be forced to actually deal with one another without any world-shattering threats to distract them. Getting along with fellow new-found heroes can be tough.

Doom Patrol episode 7 will feature the metaphors the titular team is known for, as well as some literal interpretations at the expense of Rita Farr. Poor Rita. While we can anticipate more arcs inspired by the comic book runs on “Therapy Patrol,” we’ll probably see an introspective journey into each member’s past and current mental health. After all, heroes can benefit from therapy, too.

Surely the Doom Patrol will attempt to find and save the Chief from Mr. Nobody. However, we’ll probably see the team deal with their personal and interpersonal dynamics in an unusual but productive way (or at least we hope so). Though the episode’s title might insinuate we’ll get a better look at Jane’s underground and her personal journey, we’ll likely see each character grow this episode on a personal level, but also how their relationships with each other evolve.

Also. Doom Patrol’s Crazy Jane backstory is just beginning to unfold. light

Heroes in therapy is an evergreen topic, and we’re excited to see how Doom Patrol will explore this narrative — especially since the team usually relies on Niles Caulder for support. Now, they’ll have to lean on one another, which will bring this dysfunctional family together in a powerful way.