Villanelle commits a crime of fashion in new and final Killing Eve trailer


With the second season of Killing Eve just around the corner, a new trailer shows Villanelle is willing to do just about anything to get back to Eve.

BBC America’s Killing Eve has become an obsession for viewers since the first episode and with the second season coming out in a matter of weeks, any sneak peeks into what Eve and Villanelle will be getting up to is like Christmas come early.

Fortunately, a new trailer just hit the Killing Eve Twitter account and it is as action-packed as ever. It also shows Villanelle committing one of the worst crimes of her very expansive criminal career.

Check out the trailer here:

That’s right, Villanelle is forced to wear crocs this season.

And not just any crocs, white ones with little ornaments on them. Yikes.

If you were unsure of just how much she is willing to do to be with Eve, this should put your doubts at bay. Villanelle is nothing if not a lover of fine clothes and putting on crocs, albeit reluctantly, is a huge sign of how determined she is  to get back to Eve.

The trailer also shows that Eve isn’t too disappointed to have to be going after her favorite assassin either. She is still in doubt whether Villanelle is dead, so she makes it her job to find out if she’s still alive and if she is, to capture her (or spend the rest of her life with her?).

Eve’s co-workers even notice how giddy she is to be searching for answers. It’s clear to everyone (except maybe Eve’s husband) that Villanelle and her have a connection beyond the normal detective-criminal relationship.

After all they do to find each other, their reunion is sure to be a moment you won’t want to miss. Killing Eve season 2 hits BBC American on April 7, 2019. Don’t miss it.

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