Star Wars Episode IX spoilers: Our best looks yet at Rey, Poe, and Finn


With about two weeks left until Celebration, the Star Wars community has started to find new bits and pieces from Episode IX.

Warning: While these spoilers are comparatively minor, they are still believed spoilers for Star Wars: Episode IX. Proceed with caution.

April 12 is a date that Star Wars fans have circled on their calendars, as it’s the day that J.J. Abrams will descend on Chicago’s Wintrust Arena for the Star Wars Celebration panel on Episode IX. However, two weeks ahead of that panel, the Reddit community of r/StarWarsLeaks has found something that appears to be promotional material revealing new costumes for the movie, including some of the new characters.

We want to stress that this is believed to be promotional material, not that it’s confirmed yet. However, some of the looks shown do match up with photos taken from shooting, particularly when it comes to Poe and Finn’s looks.

Additionally, Rey is now in all white, with fans citing Luke Skywalker’s costume in A New Hope and Padmé Amidala’s Attack of the Clones look as references. However, there are some distinctly Rey bits about it, especially the sleeveless top and the boots.

For the other two returning characters, there aren’t many surprises. Chewbacca still has his bowcaster, and Lando still looks good. As one comment noted, it’s nice to see Lando using a cane, though, as Billy Dee Williams does in real life. It also appears that his cape, or at least his collar, is lined in blue, which could very well be a reference to his original shirt in The Empire Strikes Back.

As for the new characters, though, the material lists what appears to be a woman as Zorii, and what looks like Naomi Ackie’s character as Jannah. In the comments, fans are speculating that Zorii is Keri Russell’s character, but there’s no confirmation on any of that just yet.

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Finally, there’s a comment that suggests there’s more to this image, based on a scrap of something at the left edge next to Lando. The image is too small and grainy to really tell what it could be, unfortunately. That still means that there could be more spoilers on the way, so keep an eye out, fans.

Episode IX releases Dec. 20.