Leaked Avengers: Endgame Pop reveals Hulk’s ripped shorts days are sadly over


The latest leaks from Avengers: Endgame’s Pops show that the Hulk is sporting a brand new suit. This may also mean The Hulk and Bruce Banner have finally sorted things out.

Avengers: Endgame may be the final chapter of a few Avengers’ storylines, but that doesn’t mean they’re not done growing and changing who they are. This is quite literally true for Bruce Banner, who’s struggled pretty much throughout the entirety of the MCU with controlling when he becomes the Hulk.

Now, thanks to some recent leaks from the upcoming line of Endgame Funko Pops, it looks like Bruce Banner will finally be one with the Hulk — and he’ll be sporting a brand new suit to top it all off.

The Funko Pop has been circulating around the internet, and can be seen here on Reddit; the back of the box can be seen here on Twitter. While there has been no official word from Funko (which is odd, considering the Pops are rumored to be out on March 31), DisFunko on Twitter announced that the Pop will be a Hot Topic exclusive.

This Hot Topic exclusive is quite different from Endgame’s regular Hulk Pop. (You can see the comparison on Twitter here.) On the regular Pop, the Hulk is wearing the white Avengers team suit that was shown in the trailer. Technically, we didn’t see the Hulk in this slow-motion scene, and it might be because they’re trying to hide the fact that Bruce Banner is able to turn into the Hulk again. But in the exclusive Pop, he is wearing a gray and purple suit — one that may suggest Bruce Banner and Hulk are finally able to coexist without butting heads.

The suit says it all, mainly because it shows someone bothered to take the time to make the Hulk an action suit in the first place. This could be made with Stark technology of some sort, with Tony seeing that Banner can’t keep transforming into the Hulk and ripping off everything he’s wearing in the process. (No pair of men’s pants or purple shorts are going to hold up to support a Hulk-sized figure, let’s be honest.) It’s one of those comic book oddities that we all had to accept and not question, so this new suit may finally be the answer to getting the Hulk some clothes.

Now, with Banner being back in control, he can wear a suit that fits him at his normal size and may be able to grow with him as he transforms into the Hulk. This may be with the nanotechnology Tony Stark used with his last suit, or even some Shuri-inspired tech modeled off of the Black Panther suit.

In the end, some seem to think this newly suited Hulk’s identity will be Professor Hulk — a perfect balance of both Bruce Banner and Hulk. As GameSpot points out, this could be the final transformation for Bruce Banner as he embraces his new identity. It’s also quite bittersweet, as they mention, but definitely worth it if Banner can finally come to peace with who he is.

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