Good Trouble broke our hearts this week with Dennis’ storyline


Good Trouble returned this week with a heartbreaking episode that probably hit a little too home for some. Here’s our review.

Warning: Before reading any further, it’s important to note that there will be talk of suicide and depression in this article.

One thing I’ve always commended this show on is never sugarcoating some raw and difficult political, cultural and emotional topics. From transgender rights to police brutality against black men and women to misogyny in the workplace, Good Trouble is the only show that can tell these stories in one streamlined storyline. It houses every progressive issue that our world is facing right now and this latest episode “Broken Arted” proved that.


I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t sobbing at the end of this week’s Good Trouble. In all the plots and themes that we’ve seen over the arc of season one, this one definitely hit me the hardest — both physically and emotionally. When we first met Dennis in the first episode, he seemed to be the outcast of the group — a bit older than the rest of the coterie gang, and hosting improv in the coterie living room.

I was confused by his character but in the back of my head, I knew something critical would come of it. And that’s exactly what happened during the episode that the mama’s came to visit Los Angeles the first time. Stef and Dennis have a heart to heart in the bathroom where he revealed that he’d lost a son to cancer and was currently going through a divorce. We then found out more of his personal life when he tried to get his old investor friend to give Jesus some money for his tiny house project.

I was devastated to see that last scene of Dennis — that montage of both him saying his goodbyes to all of his friends at the art show and then feeling the agonizing pain of betrayal, failure, and hopelessness in his car. You could feel his heart breaking through the television. You could see the pain in his voice message to his ex-wife.

Honestly, that was the most real portrayal of that feeling I’d ever seen on a TV show, and I’m astounded and happy and relieved that Good Trouble, the writers, the producers, and the network decided to show that emotion on screen.

Because we need to see that. We need to see something like that we can relate to. We need to feel like we’re not alone.

I’m happy that they addressed the issue of depression and suicide but I really hope that Dennis didn’t actually go through with it (I don’t think he did). Yes, we need to see those raw emotions on screen but I think it would be a disservice if they actually make Dennis attempt suicide. This show shows solutions to problems and if the one issue they choose to not show a solution to is this then I’ll be a little upset.


Is Casey a snake?! Who is giving all this information to Angela? And what is with the flash drive she gives her at the end of the episode? Is this a trap? Also, is Evan Speck hitting on Mariana? Is something bad going to happen here? Are things going to revealed during the finale because I’m CONFUSED.


Jamie and Gael, Gael and Jamie. So many options, so little time. I’m getting really tired of this love triangle and I’m hoping that next episode, she makes up her mind. It was fun for a few episodes and cute to watch her drool over both guys but now I need it to end, and I need Callie to stop the madness.

Her and Gael obviously share an incredible amount of passion but I think their love story and history is unsustainable for them both. Not only are they passionate about each other, they are both passionate about their careers and I think for both of their sake’s, they need to focus on that right now. I really loved the Gael storyline of bisexuality and that was so critical to see but part of me thinks that that was the purpose of Gael this season.

Jamie is another catch, don’t get me wrong. He fits in perfectly with Callie’s new world of judge’s, courtroom’s, and clerkships. But like Stef said last episode, Callie and Jamie don’t make sense. They’re cute together but Callie never settled for cute. Callie wants fire.

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Final Thoughts:

  • It’s no surprise that I’m not crazy about Davia’s character but I really like where her story might be taking us. As a teacher in a city, she’s definitely seeing things that she probably haven’t seen back home before- like the possibly homeless girl who comes home with her this episode. I look forward to seeing what happens with that.
  • Oh, Alice. What happened!? This is what she’s been waiting ALL SEASON to hear — that Sumi is still in love with her. But NO! Alice was finally starting to get over her! I love Alice to death but girl needs to just throw Sumi out of her life. She is TOXIC. And I really don’t see that changing.
  • Malika is spread way too thin and she’s taking a lot of her anger out at her coterie-mates. She really does need Mariana’s app…
  • I loved how all the stories came to one last final question that needed to be answered by the end of the season. Will Alice choose Sumi? What will happen with Mariana and the spreadsheet? Will Callie pick Jamie or Gael (or neither!)? Will Callie influence the Jamal case? Will Malika go to Dom or to the protest? Will Davia finally get some sense and not have Jeff around? But most importantly, IS DENNIS ALIVE?
  • Is anyone else so freaking excited for the finale but also so freaking sad that this season is over?
  • Remember when Jamie bought the artwork that Callie and Gael did together? LOL.
  • And last but not least, Bryan still sucks.

Good Trouble airs Tuesdays on Freeform at 8/7 p.m. CT.