Fans made an Avengers poster for Sirius Black and this hurts our heart


If the Avengers: Endgame posters weren’t heartbreaking enough, now fans are making posters for Sirius Black and fallen Harry Potter characters just to hurt us.

Sirius Black’s death is one that still weighs heavily on fans of the Harry Potter series. Whether it is because we loved the character or felt terribly for Harry, there are just some deaths in the series that can’t seem to leave us. Especially when they are characters who meant so much to us all in so little time.

So, when the Avengers: Endgame promotions started the hashtag #AvengeTheFallen, fans began to have a little fun with it. Even if it hurts to see.

Do I need to see a poster about Sirius Black’s death to remind me of a brilliant character? No, but this poster is beautiful and does serve to connect the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Harry Potter franchise. Seeing this poster just reminds us all that there are characters who have fallen without a chance of coming back.

From Sirius Black to Remus Lupin, James and Lily Potter to Dumbledore, all these characters mean the world to fans and to see them living again would be amazing and that’s the hope that these posters give us for the Avengers. For Sirius Black who has been dead for years in a series that isn’t known for bringing back the dead? Not so much.

Nevertheless, this poster is brilliant, heartbreaking, and maybe the best worst thing to ever happen. Just give us more Sirius Black content, please.

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So, now that we have cried about all those we’ve lost throughout the Harry Potter series, what poster do you wish was made? Did this Sirius Black poster make you cry? Let us know how you feel in the comments below.