Crazy Ex-Girlfriend preview: How will Rebecca handle all her dates?


Rebecca has a lot to figure out this week on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and she has three dates to help her make her decision. But who is she going to choose?

This week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend sees Rebecca gearing up to make one big decision.

For so long, we have seen as she has gone back and forth between the men in her life. First, it was Josh Chan. She moved from New York and quit her job to live a life pining over him and, in the process, made a new life in West Covina.

Then came Greg Serrano. An angry man that Rebecca figured she would never love wormed his way into her heart and, while she still went back and forth with her feelings, she ended up falling in love with Greg so, when he left to go to business school, she found herself at a loss.

Which is when Nathaniel Plimpton III came to her firm. His father bought part of the firm, forcing his way into her life and furthering her confusion for her love of Josh (who was her fiancé  at the time).

Now that she has given all three men a chance and decided to focus on herself, what does that mean for their relationships? Basically that nothing is resolved and she continues to go back to all three men. So, with this week’s episode, Rebecca is going on three dates, one with each of the men who have been a part of her life for the last few years, and examining their placement in her life.

Will she end up with Josh Chan? The man she gave up her life for? Or will Greg Serrano take her heart once again? Maybe it will be the new Nathaniel, changing himself to be a better person for Rebecca and those around them. We’ll have to see what happens on this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and it is definitely going to be a good one.

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Is Rebecca going to choose Greg, Nathaniel, or Josh on this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Make sure to check out the episode and check back here on Culturess for more news, reviews, and more.