7 things about the Lego Movie World that will thrill fans of the films


Whether flying high with Unikitty or battling Duplo aliens, fans of the Lego Movie franchise will love every awesome thing about Lego Movie World.

The five years between the releases of The Lego Movie and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part left plenty of time for the witty film franchise to develop a devoted fan base. Now, fans of Emmet, Unikitty and Wyldstyle can wave their claw hands in the air in celebration of the recent opening of the Lego Movie World at Legoland Florida Resort.

Lego enthusiasts who dream of appearing before a group of Master Builders or posing for a photo with General Mayhem will love everything the Lego Movie World has to offer. Here are seven things fans of the Lego Movie films will love about this new addition to Legoland Florida!

The Flame Grilled Chicken Taco at Taco Everyday is topped with cilantro vegetable slaw, pico and cotija cheese. Photo Credit: Terri Peters

1. Every day can be Taco Tuesday

Taco Everyday, the lone food offering inside the Lego Movie world, serves up a delicious selection of tacos, from Smoky Brisket to Chilled Krab Salad. Double Decker “Sofa-Pilla” Bites — pastry bites with a cinnamon, sugar and a honey drizzle — can be ordered for dessert. Best part? This menu isn’t only available on Tuesdays.

Unikitty’s Disco Drop lets guests blast off into Cloud Cuckoo Land with Unikitty. Photo Credit: Legoland Florida

2. You can blast off to Cloud Cuckoo Land with Unikitty

One of three rides in the Lego Movie Land, Unikity’s Disco Drop, is the Lego version of a sky tower or frog-hopper style ride. Riders are blasted into the air and arrive back on the ground after a bit of bouncing and spinning and a 52-foot drop. The ride is topped with an LCD-screen Unikitty, who changes faces from happy to angry to queasy.

The Lego Movie World provides an immersive experience in the town of Bricksburg. Photo Credit: Legoland Florida

3. The entire land is an immersive experience in Bricksburg

A billboard for fictional TV show “Where Are My Pants?” and a store called ” The Awesome Shop” line a life-sized row of Bricksburg storefronts, making visitors feel like they’ve stepped straight into the fictional town for a visit.

On the Masters of Flight ride, guests move through lands like Middle Zealand and Cloud Cuckoo Land in an immersive experience. Photo Credit: Legoland Florida

4. There’s a triple decker flying couch

In Masters of Flight, guests join Master Builders as Emmet gives them a ride on his “most awesome invention ever” — a flying triple decker couch. For fans of Walt Disney World’s Soarin’, the technology behind this ride will feel familiar: guests are seated in swing seats and given an immersive ride (complete with amazing smells) over destinations like Middle Zealand and Cloud Cuckoo Land. Be on the lookout for those pesky Duplo aliens, too!

Visitors to the Lego Movie World can meet and take photos with Emmet, Wyldstyle, General Mayhem and Benny. Photo Credit: Terri Peters

5. The options for character meets are awesome

At Emmet’s Super Suite, guests can enter Emmet’s apartment, sit on his iconic single decker blue couch and meet (and pose for photos with) Emmet, Wyldstyle, General Mayhem and Benny. Two characters appear in each time slot, and the characters change out every 30 minutes, making it easy to snap a photo with all four!

The Battle of Bricksburg ride puts families in the middle of a battle with Duplo aliens. Photo Credit: Legoland Florida

6. You can fight those pesky Duplo aliens

Take control of Bricksburg on the Battle of Bricksburg ride. Although signs surrounding the ride warn “No Duplo,” the ride has been taken over by the toddler blocks and it’s up to riders to help reclaim the town. Those who have visited Legoland Florida in the past may recognize this ride: it was formerly the World of Chima: Quest for Chi attraction, which closed in 2018 to make room for the new ride. Warning: riders of this attraction could get wet.

In addition to character meet and greets, multiple characters from the Lego Movie franchise make appearances in the Lego Movie World. Photo Credit: Terri Peters

7. Most Lego Movie favorites make an appearance

From Mrs. Scratchen-Post the cat-lady to Larry (the “Where Are My Pants? guy,) all beloved characters from the franchise appear around the Lego Movie World. Keep an eye out for mini-figure statues and funny posters, as you never know which of your favorite characters you’ll see next.

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The Lego Movie World opens at Legoland Florida Resort on March 27, 2019.