Unicorns and the Harry Potter series: Their significance to the characters and magic


We know that unicorns have specific properties that wizards and witches tend to take advantage of but how important are they really to the wizarding world and those who inhabit it?

From Voldemort using their blood to stay alive or their hair being powerful in wands, unicorns clearly have quite the power in the wizarding world. So, what is their significance to the magical beings that seem so enamored with them?

To be honest, their blood is what really matters. It is illegal to drink them because their blood can help keep someone alive but, in drinking it, you’re cursing yourself to a half-life, marred with the innocent life you took from the unicorn.

Voldemort knew what he was doing when he asked Quirrell to bring him to the Forbidden Forest. He didn’t care if it cursed him, as long as he got to survive. And maybe that’s why Harry was able to defeat him, the curse from the unicorn blood staying with him even when Peter Pettigrew brought him back to life.

Maybe throughout it all, it was that one action that led to Voldemort’s demise. If not, it probably didn’t help his case that he drank their blood but it would have cursed him from the start. Maybe unicorns aren’t that significant to the wizarding world at large but maybe it is their magical abilities that helped Harry Potter defeat the Dark Lord, forcing them to be one of the most powerful creatures in the wizarding world.

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Unicorns are important but so are plenty of other creatures in the wizarding world. Which are your favorite? Or do you think that unicorns really do have the most significance to the world of Harry Potter? Let us know in the comments below!