The Bold Type: Everything you need to know about season 3


Jane, Kat and Sutton are back and bolder than ever this season on The Bold Type. Here’s everything we know heading into the premiere.

Au revoir Paris! The ladies of The Bold Type are back home in New York and ready to kick off a new season of unleashing holy hell.

It’s been an excruciatingly long six months without Jane, Kat and Sutton, but the wait is almost over. Season 3 is set to be packed with even more romance, drama and fun than ever and expectations are high. So, just a few weeks out from the premiere, let’s go over what we know for sure is going down this season. We’ll break things down by lady…


Love Life: Let’s just rip off the bandaid. Jane definitely chose Pinstripe over Dr. Ben.

When last we saw Jane, she had been struggling between the two. But when Kat asked “If you got really good news, like today, who would you call first?” Jane made a clear choice.

There are plenty of reasons it’d be Pinstripe: they have a history, a shared passion and clear chemistry. The giveaway comes in the trailer though. Paused at the right moment — roughly 48 seconds in — Ryan is clearly the person Jane is video chatting with.

Career: Looks like Jane has a new boss this season! It’s not too surprising, considering Richard was looking at a shortlist of replacements for Jacquelyn in the season 2 finale.

Fortunately, she wasn’t totally ousted, Stafford just brought in a new head of digital. Unfortunately, that person is a man, and one who seems to be pretty snooty at that. He might pose a large hurdle for Jane at work.

Misc: We can’t forget that Jane will also be going through the process of freezing her eggs this season. That’s a big step – one that Pinstripe was all in on – and will likely have hurdles and side effects.

Also worth noting: Tiny Jane has some rage! For as much as she’s smiling and dancing through these teasers, she looks very focused heading into a rage room to smash some stuff.


Love Life: Much to the dismay of Kadena shippers everywhere, it’s very possible that Kat has new love in her life this season. Adena made their breakup official in Paris, and doesn’t make an appearance in the full trailer.

Adena was a huge influence on Kat, and getting over her will not be easy. But it won’t be impossible. In Freeform’s first look at Kat in the new season, she seems to have a flirtation started with someone. Aisha Dee has even teased it herself.

Let’s not get too heartbroken yet though; Adena does show up in this teaser!

Career: Just like Adena changed Kat’s trajectory, so might this newcomer. According to Kat, she’s the reason that Kat is running for city council.

Balancing life as a city councilwoman and Scarlet’s head of social would be tricky though, and could run into a grey area legally. Could Kat be saying goodbye to Scarlet this season? The fashion closet would never be the same.

Misc: “Things change. All the time,” Kat says. By all appearances, it seems like she’ll be the one facing the most change this season. Kat has always been strong, and is probably going to handle it like a champ. But change also provides ample opportunity for vulnerable moments – we may come to love a whole different side of Kat.


Love Life: Well, Sutton and Richard are THRIVING.

The first thing we learned in the full trailer for this season was that Sutton and Richard are still very in love. They’re even doing the deed in the fashion closet. They might even be moving in together.

It’s a little early in their “official” relationship, but before they got to label status, they were together for awhile. This makes sense for them, and I can almost hear the Suttard shippers chanting in the distance.

Career: Kat may not be the only one seeing a career change this season. Sutton’s worked hard to get where she is, and it’s hard to imagine her not working for Oliver (or as the future Oliver). But Sutton Brady Fashions may just be her real future, as she reveals that she wants to be a designer.

Misc: On the whole, Sutton seems to be more confident than ever. From rocking a dress with a slit, to being “rock hard” for whatever the trio’s latest plan is, to schooling Oliver in some way, it seems like Ms. Brady will be a FORCE this season.

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The Bold Type returns to Freeform on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.