Jordan Peele appears in Us, and here’s how you can find him


If you love Jorden Peele’s films, you’re probably wondering when he’ll make a cameo in one of them! Here’s the thing: he’s already been in both Get Out and Us.

Us is terrifying fans of Jordan Peele all over the United States. Following the story of the Wilson family, Us shows audiences everywhere the power of trauma and what can happen when we are confronted face to face to that trauma as we age.

While Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) is literally face to face with her doppelgänger, Red, the fear of embracing our past and understanding that that trauma may never go away and even affect our families and loved ones.

A beautiful, terrifying film, Us has audiences everywhere on the edge of their seats, aching to see every twist and turn before the mystery is spoiled for everyone. But there’s one question: does this mean we’re going to see Jordan Peele take on a role in one of his films?

With both Get Out and Us out in the world (and successful at that), we’d think that Peele would want in on that star quality, right? Well, it seems as if he’s already been in both films without us really knowing he was there.

In an interview with Fandango, Peele admitted that he has cameos in both movies. You just can’t see him in the roles.

Is this going to be his trend? Just being animal noises in the background of his films that we have to try and spot? It’s a fun way to include himself in his films. We’re so used to Jordan Peele being a star from Key & Peele to his new version of The Twilight Zone, but his films always remain separate from his acting work.

Or so we thought. The idea that Jordan Peele is just going to play voice parts in his movies that we have to figure out is brilliant, and he should keep doing it. But maybe stop terrifying us all so much? We can’t stop thinking about Us.

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Us is in theaters now. Make sure to see Jordan Peele’s second film and be a part of the conversation.