Game of Thrones season 8: Sophie Turner says ‘I think Papa Stark would be proud of us’


How will Game of Thrones season 8 play out for Arya and Sansa Stark? In a new cover story, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner gave some hints.

Game of Thrones season 8 has both Arya and Sansa Stark, which seems like a bold statement before you remember that they’ve both appeared in teasers, photos, and posters for the upcoming season. Rolling Stone just published a cover story featuring both Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, and while the story ostensibly focuses on their friendship over the years, both actresses dropped a few tidbits about where their characters are going.

We’ll start with the elder of the two: Turner’s Sansa. “I think Papa Stark would be very proud of us,” Turner shares at the end of the piece, and that alone says quite a bit. Ned Stark took in his sister’s son, passing Jon Snow off as his own son, to conceal the kid’s legacy. That’s a level of family loyalty that puts most of the other houses of Westeros to shame.

Sansa has already picked that thread up, but instead of just saying “me,” Turner says “us.” It might seem like a small thing to note, but then you look at what Williams says in the same piece, after revealing she had trouble crying for some time:

"It was really amazing, perfect timing because Arya’s just starting to feel again for the first time. So it was actually kinda beautiful the way it was working. Because usually I’m trying to play Arya with no emotion, whilst feeling everything. And this time I was feeling nothing while I was trying to feel something, and it worked . . . I think."

The casual “whilst” gets us — so too does her owning that her favorite color is pink — but the important thing here is that creepy Arya might have a smaller role than before. This shift already became apparent towards the end of season 7, with she and Sansa working together to get rid of Littlefinger, so it should seem like a natural continuation of that arc.

While Williams didn’t say much about Arya’s fate, RS possibly includes a small hint about Sansa’s, in that apparently, Turner owns “a storyboard … [of] her very last scene of the entire show. Turner already has it hanging at home; no one’s noticed.” The rest of RS‘ sentence makes it clear that “her” refers to Sansa specifically. Therefore, it’s unlikely that this is Turner’s last scene — since the show is filmed out of order.

This could mean one of two things. Either Sansa’s final scene is really boring, or the storyboard itself is so nondescript that it could mean anything. The latter seems a bit more likely at this point, especially since it’s a storyboard, not a still from the actual shoot.

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For now, it’s nice to appreciate the insights these two have — even as we get ready to experience the same “divorce” that Williams talks about.

Game of Thrones season 8 premieres April 14.