Disney experiences: From mermaids to pirates, what experiences could be next?


A trip to Disney can be a magical, but Disney experiences can turn a theme park visit into a fantasy come true.

With a touch of pixie dust, Disney experiences can actually make a dream become reality. While fantasy and reality can be blurred at a theme park, guests want more. Granted the photo op with a favorite princess or breakfast with Mickey is must but Disney wants to offer more.

Even as fans anxiously stare at the Galaxy Edge countdown clock, Disney has a multitude of special experiences that are quite intriguing. These special events turn fantasy into reality.

Most recently, Disney announced that it will now offer mermaid experiences at a couple Disney on-site hotels (specifically, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, and Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts). While this experience is part swim class and part “Ariel” inspiration, the learning to swim like a mermaid is entertaining.

Ariel and mermaids are extremely popular. Considered a mythical creature, a mermaid has beauty yet is strong and graceful. Ariel captured people’s hearts with her innocence and determination.

This swim like a mermaid class has great appeal because there is no age limit. A group of girlfriends can put on a tail and splash through the water. Granted this under the sea world might not be as colorful as Atlantis, it is a fun break from walking around all day.

The new mermaid experience is another example how Disney expands these events to all ages. After women wished for princess makeovers, adults can get the Bippity-Boppity inspired makeovers too.

While Galaxy Edge might not have Jedi training for adults, people will line up to build their own light saber. The whole Star Wars themed hotel is one giant experience. As long as people can dream it, Disney will continue to exceed expectations.

A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR ME!: The Pirates League is the newest buccaneer adventure in the Magic Kingdom, featuring makeovers that turn theme park guests into savvy swashbucklers. Here, a young girl receives the “Empress” makeover. Depending on the pirate package, a trained Pirate Master can transform boys, girls (ages 3 and up) and grownups into pirates, buccaneers and maidens using facial effects, fake scars, removable teeth, hats, bandanas and other costume accessories. Included in each of the three packages offered: a sword and sheath, earring and eye patch, temporary tattoo, exclusive pirate coin necklace, map case folder, a personalized pirate oath and a pirate portrait. Guests can make reservations by calling 407/WDW-CREW (939-2739). Theme park admission is required. (Kent Phillips, photographer)

Recently, Disney did add another immersive experience, although it is just for the kids — the Captain Hook’s Pirate Crew at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Just imagine how fun this could be for adults too!

Similar to the pirate parties on Disney Cruise ships, an all ages event would be fun. Overall though, this new events shows how Disney is trying to make a visit more event-centered through new experiences. This will be beneficial especially for those who are visiting for the first time, as these experiences will create unique and impactful memories. And sure, while adults can’t wear costumes in the parks, these experiences recreate that childhood magic.

Even looking at RunDisney events, those races are a prime example of a Disney experience. During a race, adults are encouraged to wear a costume and run through the theme parks. Sure, it might not be easy to run a 5K wearing a polyester princess outfit. But, that morning run brings a little bit of unbridled joy.

The experience of joining with friends and other fans makes those miles disappear in a hurry. Whether you wear a full costume, a matching t-shirt with friends or just your favorite running outfit, the idea of interacting with Disney characters at a closed theme park makes for that magical memory.

Looking at some of these special events, it is curious that other special experiences haven’t been offered, yet. Mermaids and princesses are an easy addition, but what about other favorite characters. What other Disney experiences could be on the horizon?

For example, Epcot is expanding France. While the Ratatouille ride will have many fans lining up for the experience, why isn’t there a cooking experience based on the movie? Wouldn’t some fans love to learn how to make one of those delicious dishes from the movie?

That cooking experience, paired with a take-home recipe, could make for the Disney memory that will re-experienced long after the vacation glow ends. More importantly, it will make people want to come back for another experience in the future.

Animal Kingdom could expand its offerings in numerous ways. With the new Lion King on the horizon, could Disney offer a more in-depth animal experience? Even with Rafiki’s Animal Watch returning to the theme park, other animal encounters could excite fans. Granted, these experiences wouldn’t necessarily be a “real” safari, but it could be more immersive.

Given Disney’s vast vault of characters, movies and properties, the ability to create numerous Disney experiences is great. Many fans would clamor for the opportunity to learn fighting moves from Mulan, to have a wish come true from the Genie or maybe shoot a bow like Merida.

Just because the movie is a fantasy doesn’t mean that Disney can’t turn that fictional moment into a real life experience. Pixie Dust offers magical possibilities.

Could more Disney experiences be on the horizon? The most likely answer is yes, but what those experiences will be are unknown.

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What is your favorite Disney experience? Would you sign-up to swim like a mermaid?