The Walking Dead: Season 9 finale photos reveal frozen walkers and winter worries

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Check out The Walking Dead season 9 finale photos here, which preview snowy scenes, frozen walkers, and plenty of winter worries.

Brace yourselves, Walking Dead fans, because winter has most certainly come for our walker-slaying favorites.

The Walking Dead season 9 finale is aptly titled “The Storm” and will feature a series first: snow on the ground and a nasty winter storm to add to all the troubles our survivors are currently dealing with (mainly Alpha and her creepy Whisperer cult).

Fans of Fear the Walking Dead witnessed a similar first last season with hurricane-level winds that violently blew debris and walkers about. It’s clear that Mother Nature herself can be as fierce an adversary as walkers or humans.

Check out photos for the season 9 finale below, which include snowmen walkers, Negan cozied up by some quilts, Eugene wearing a very Eugene-like winter hat, and finally more pics of Rick and Michonne’s son, RJ!