Seeing Harry Potter actors out in the wild does nothing to stop the joy


After all these years, you’d think that seeing actors from the Harry Potter series would be less exciting but I’m here to tell you, that is not the case.

When I just happened to look up and see David Thewlis standing before me, my Harry Potter loving heart about exploded. Now, I’m aware that he is a very talented actor with a career I know of well. But that doesn’t change the fact that seeing Lupin before me wasn’t something special.

I didn’t talk to him or even address him, just watched him leave as I began to cry a little and it showed me that, no matter what, my heart will always be there for these actors who brought my favorite series to life. I’ve met some of the cast before, spoken to them, and every time, I revert to being a child, freaking out and thinking of the journey their characters took me on while I was reading the series.

So to feel that again, to see David Thewlis and know that I still will cry and freak out when I see an actor from the Harry Potter series, just shows me that this series is never going to leave my heart. Whether it is seeing a villain or being around Harry Potter himself, this series does something to us all that we just want to revisit over and over again. Even if that means freaking out when we see one of the actors.

Will I ever outgrow it? Probably not but I’m okay with that.

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Have you ever seen a star from the Harry Potter series? How did you react? Let us know in the comments below about your encounters or who you’d like to see!