C2E2: Clueless cast remembers their favorite moments on set


The cast of Clueless got back together for C2E2 in Chicago. They shared their favorite moments on set, and revealed why they totally love Clueless more than 20 years later.

It’s been nearly 24 years since the original California girl Cher uttered the phrase “As if!” in Clueless. And while some movies from the ‘90s are so yesterday, Clueless without a doubt is still a staple teen comedy to this day. So, how does the cast feel about the movie more than two decades after it came out?

Culturess got the chance to see the cast reunite at C2E2 in Chicago, and they were absolutely thrilled to share all their favorite (and forgotten) stories from the set. In attendance were Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, Breckin Meyer and Donald Faison who play Cher, Josh, Travis and Murray, respectively.

Rudd noted that he and the cast hadn’t been all together in years. And for him, the long-lasting legacy of the film was the most astounding part about being part of the cultural phenomenon.

“It does feel cool to be in something that is an important movie for a lot of people… [who] grew up watching it,” Rudd said. “And we meet people who say ‘I grew up loving your film and now I, like, watch it with my kids.’ Which makes all of us — especially me — feel really old.”

For the lead of the movie, Silverstone shared she felt the same way. But we may not have gotten some of the classically hilarious scenes that we have today if it weren’t for a teenage Silverstone ironically being, well, clueless.

“I just think [director] Amy Heckerling’s a brilliant genius and that the writing was so interesting,” Silverstone began. “And half of the stuff I can’t out myself for what I didn’t know… I didn’t ad lib. I just didn’t know what things meant, and that’s why they were so funny.”

Meyer then jokingly mentioned the Haitians line during the debate speech scene (where Cher — or technically Silverstone — mispronounced Haitians as “Haiti-ans”) as an example. Silverstone was quick to jokingly shush Meyer about the reveal, but she covered herself by laughing it off and calling it a character choice.

Yet another slightly confusing part of filming for Silverstone was the sheer amount of wardrobe changes she would have to do. When it came to her being on set, she felt like she spent more time doing costume fittings than having fun like Faison, Meyer and the rest of the cast. All the costume changes didn’t quite make sense to her while filming, but it all paid off in the end.

“I mean, there were 64 costume changes for me, so my pre-movie [experience] was costume fittings,” she said. “I had no idea why we were doing this. And then when I saw the movie, I was like, [costume designer] Mona May’s a genius. I understand now why we did that. But, you know, I was young. So I didn’t know.”

Needless to say, despite everything, the costumes for the movie became just as iconic as the movie itself. Fans at the convention hall could be seen in Cher’s unforgettable yellow and plaid jacket and blazer, or Dionne’s black and white, plaid jacket and blazer (with the red cardigan to really set things off.) Yes, Clueless was filled with some #OOTD worthy looks, and they won’t be long forgotten.

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Even for a movie that was adapted from a classic novel — Jane Austen, that is — the story translated so well on screen as a ‘90s coming-of-age film. And, of course, it still holds up today. Silverstone, who read the novel after filming, couldn’t help but acknowledge the amazing work by Heckerling, calling it “really remarkable.”

And for all the plaid blazers, “As ifs” and “Whatevers,” it’s quite possible that 20 more years down the line, Clueless will be inspiring many more teen comedies to come