Harry Potter prepared Jason Isaacs for The OA’s spoiler security


Security is tough these days, especially in the land of TV and movies. Jason Isaacs was prepared for The OA’s spoiler security however thanks to Harry Potter.

When it comes to the world of TV shows and movies, you have to wonder if the level of security undertaken to prevent spoilers from getting out would rival the likes of the CIA, MI5, etc? We hear about it all the time, especially with the likes of big-name projects like Game of Thrones and Star Wars.

Netflix’s Original series The OA is no different when it comes to spoiler security. Jason Isaacs has been unphased by the security levels undertaking however and he has the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to thank for that.

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The actor, who played the villainous Lucious Malfoy in the Wizarding World movies, plays the role of Dr. Hunter Aloysius Percy, also known as Dr. Hap, in The OA, and he revealed to Digital Spy about how the experience of working on Harry Potter has helped him with The OA.

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"“People will stop you in the street… I can see it in their eyes, the same thing I used to see when I was a young amateur magician,….”"

Jason Isaacs also explained some of the tactics adopted while playing the Dark Wizard when it came to Q+A’s.

“I used to be paired with Tom, doing the Harry Potter publicity,….”

"“Part of the reason is because we play father and son. The other reason is I’ve been around long enough to know that when journalists ask you a question, you don’t respond how you normally respond to a question at dinner, or if you’re out with your friends in a bar or something.“Because we control the narrative. You don’t have to answer any question.”"

It’s not just the Wizarding World that has helped Isaacs. His time on Star Trek: Discovery has also helped him out with handling spoilers as well.

"“I understand why people want to know what’s in it, and people were desperate to know what was in Star Trek, for instance. There was a huge secrecy around that.”"

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What do you think about how Harry Potter helped prepare Jason Isaacs for handling spoilers? Have you watched the second season of The OA on Netflix yet? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.

The OA Season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix