Harry Potter star Warwick Davis explains how they prevented spoilers


Preventing spoilers from getting out is no easy task and Harry Potter star Warwick Davis explains how they managed it, especially with all the kids, during the making of the Wizarding World movies.

Fans of Game of Thrones, Star Warsand so many other great fandoms know full well the levels studios will take to make sure spoilers are not leaked. Security measures implemented would rival secret societies and government facilities. Harry Potter was no different according to Warwick Davis who has been talking about the steps taking to prevent spoilers from getting out.

Warwick Davis, along with Harry Potter makeup artist Sarita Allison, revealed this to Digital Spy exclusively.

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Describing scenes of intense security, Davis explained how strict everything was. Explaining how they couldn’t talk and discuss things amongst themselves, such as who had been working with who.

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The most shocking thing was the fact they couldn’t even speak to their families. Can you just imagine that? Coming home after a long day at work and being unable to tell them anything? I don’t think I would be able to cope.

"“– it was like we worked for some secret spy organisation,”“– we weren’t allowed to say what we were doing, who we’d been speaking to, anything about what we did.”“– even to our own families, it was very strict.”"

Of course, it all makes perfect sense and you can understand why security had to be the way it was. There is nothing worse than having the entire movie spoiled for you. Something that almost happened when Davis recalled a significant moment when a script went missing.

"“I remember somebody left a script in a taxi once and it was pretty dramatic, you know, the kind of quest to get back the script.”"

I can just imagine it now. Hundreds of people from the Harry Potter movie flagging taxi’s down and trying to find the missing script. it would have been utter chaos.

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What do you think of the security measures taking during the making of Harry Potter? Do you possibly think it was a bit unnecessary considering we had the books? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.