Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak is coming, what should be made next?


We recently learned how a real-life Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak is being made, which is great, but what should be made next?

If you missed out on the news, there is a real-life Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak in development. That’s right, soon we will be able to make ourselves invisible as if we lived in the Wizarding World.

But while this is pretty damn cool, what we were wondering was what should be made next? Out of all the items in the Wizarding World, what would we like to see developed next?

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Now personally, if it was me, what I would love to see developed is a real-life working broomstick. One that gets you up in the air and everything.

How amazing would that be?

However, I am a realist, and that is far from reality. Even if it was possible, I doubt they would even be able to sell them to the general public. Considering the difficulty over being able to sell unmanned flying drones, I doubt legislators would happily let ordinary people fly around on broomsticks.

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So what should it be then?

Well, if I can’t have the broomstick, I’ll happily have the sweets. One of the best things about Harry Potter and something I envied, was the huge range of sweets available. From the chocolate frogs to the every flavor beans, I loved the sweets and the magic-infused within them.

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If you were able to choose what was made next from the Wizarding World what would you choose? Would it be the sweets? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.