Crazy Ex-Girlfriend review: Everyone just ended up fleeing to Las Vegas


This week, Rebecca Bunch had to find her frenemy on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and it was actually quite literal.

When the title of this week’s episode read “I Need To Find My Frenemy”, I assumed Rebecca was going to find a new frenemy on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Instead, it was Rebecca reuniting with her frenemy from New York. Audra Levine ends up in Las Vegas and, when David calls Rebecca for help, she goes to Vegas willingly. Why? Because all the girls from West Covina were struggling.

For those who don’t remember, Audra Levine was the “friend” from Rebecca’s childhood who always seemed to be in competition for her. So much so, they had the “JAP Battle” to show their dominance over one another.

In this episode, Audra admits that she looked up to Rebecca for her willingness to give up everything and move across the country without looking back. She could just throw everything away, get ready to leave her life behind and start fresh. The difference is that Rebecca still has to hold herself accountable and she didn’t leave behind a husband and three small children.

The main conflict of the episode though is that Rebecca can’t choose between Greg, Nathaniel, or Josh, Heather is mad at Hector, Valencia still wants a proposal from Beth, and Paula doesn’t think she fits in with her new firm. So at the opportunity to run away to Vegas and pretend like their problems don’t matter anymore, they all jump at the chance.

The man in Rebecca’s life, however, aren’t so lucky. They find her white board, looking at all the reasons to love each of them and realize that they don’t want to back down from pursuing her. So, in an effort to make it an even playing field, all three of them decide that they will all take Rebecca on a date, seeing who she chooses by the end.

It’s honestly sad to see this show coming to an end. It was always a breath of fresh air and now that it is winding down, we can clearly see them closing up storylines. Audra Levine came back into Rebecca’s life for them to become friends finally, putting their differences aside and letting the past be the past.

Now, with all three of her past lovers taking her on dates, Rebecca is going to start to make a choice and figure out the rest of her life, leading to us getting ready to say goodbye. To be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of those shows that is just so fun to watch and grow with. As Rebecca grew up and started to take responsibility, we started to care for her and all her quirks.

We’ll have to see what happens when Rebecca goes on three dates with Greg, Nathaniel, and Josh but, until then, we can listen to the song about slow-motion walking on repeat!

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