This Walking Dead x PUMA collab brings the Whisperers to your feet


As our The Walking Dead merch collection grows, we can’t resist adding some Whisperer-themed shoes to it… even if that means repping the villains.

Fashion. Villains. Walkers.

What more could we want from a shoe? In an unexpected partnership, The Walking Dead is teaming up with PUMA to create some Whisperers-inspired sneakers. Surely this is the show’s way of apologizing for the impending deaths in the televised version of the Fair arc.

While we’re already constructing the perfect outfits to pair with these shoes, we’re not about to forget the pain this season alone has put us through — even if we still don’t know who is going to die in the last two episodes of this season.

Photo Credit: Foot Locker

Foot Locker’s POP collection is about to get a lot more villainous, seeing as these Walking Dead and PUMA kicks will debut at Foot Locker. Okay, maybe the Whisperers’ heinous personas aren’t included in the upcoming in the sneaker purchase. Regardless, these themed shoes that capture Alpha’s cultish reign were designed by a fellow TWD fan, and we’re glad to Foot Locker recruited a member of the fandom to craft our new favorite shoes.

As Alexander-John, the Foot Locker collaborator and artist, tells, creating the perfect Whisperers-inspired shoes took some time as he wanted to properly embody the Whisperers’ menacing presence in shoe form. Frankly, Alexander-John’s Walking Dead fandom shows in his design.

"I’ve done many product collaborations with Foot Locker over the years and this one is right up there with my all-time favorites. I hope these PUMA shoes take the show’s fans even deeper into the world of The Walking Dead."

Photo Credit: Foot Locker

Judging by the eye-popping packaging alone, we’re already in love with this collaboration, and the post-apocalyptic faux dirt and grime on the white sneakers. After all, it just gives us more of an excuse to get them dirty to enhance their aesthetic.

As adds, this Walking Dead and PUMA passion project will only be available at Foot Locker, and the shoes officially kick off on March 25.

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