Rachel Bloom continues to ask the important questions about the Harry Potter series


When it comes to asking important fan questions, Rachel Bloom seems to be on top of everything..even if she’s asking about wizards and their birth control.

Rachel Bloom is clearly killing the game in asking all the hard pressing questions about the Harry Potter series. Before, she requested that we have a pornographic Harry Potter movie showing the relationship between Grindelwald and Dumbledore. Now? She wants to know how birth control functions with the students of Hogwarts.

If you grew up with the Potter books, you probably ended up reading a lot of fanfictions about your favorite characters. Whether it be Hermione/Ron, Harry/Draco, or Hermione/Harry, we all had our ships and we liked to read about it.

So…we all got about a little creative contraception in the series as we got older and understood sexuality and birth control. Unfortunately for Bloom though, J.K. Rowling has yet to respond to her about whether or not there was a spell to stop it.

Is this what happens when we don’t have constant books anymore? Is this what happens when the fandom has to just revisit all our old fanfictions to understand what is going on? Probably, we just want all the Harry Potter content all the time and that’s just how we are. So…Maybe Rachel Bloom will eventually get answers?

Next. Rachel Bloom wants to fund a pornographic Harry Potter. dark

Do you think the wizards thought that much through? Or did J.K. Rowling not responding to Rachel Bloom explain everything we need to know? Let us know what you think in the comments below!