Harry Potter stars think a TV adaption would be a bad idea


Many fans have called for a TV adaption of Harry Potter, but some stars of the Wizarding World franchise think this would be a bad idea.

While the Harry Potter movies were great, they were far from perfect. Especially in the eyes of those who lived and breathed the books. From Peeves, SPEW, and Neville’s parents, there was so much missed out from the books. Which is why a lot of fans would like to see a TV adaption of the Wizarding World movies made.

It would be a chance to redo the wrongs missed out from the movies. But should it happen? Well, some Harry Potter stars think it would not be a bad idea to do so.

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While speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Oliver Phelps, who along with his brother James Phelps, played the Weasley Twins in the Harry Potter franchise, shared his thoughts about the prospects of a Harry Potter TV adaptation while attending the Warner Bros. Studios Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter latest attraction, the Gringotts Wizarding World Bank.

He had the following to say:

"“I think because it’s so iconic that it’s one of those things that you don’t try and replicate something that means so much to so many people.”"

Oliver Phelps was not the only one to have this type of opinion. Warwick Davis, who played several different roles in Harry Potter, was also in attendance at the Warner Bros. Studios Tour London Gringotts Wizarding World Bank attraction shared a very similar opinion.

He had the following to say:

"“I think we look back now and we’ve got these wonderful films. I think it would be, in a way, a shame to mess with something that is so beloved.”"

This might come as a huge surprise to some fans, and something many probably don’t want to hear either, but they do have valid points. Harry Potter might not be perfect, but a TV adaptation may not be the best thing to do.

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So, let’s concentrate on doing something else. How about a Marauders TV adaptation?

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What do think of the comments made by stars of the Wizarding Wrld about Harry Potter? Do you want to see a TV adaptation made despite the good points they made? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.