Brooklyn Nine-Nine review: Jake Peralta finally starts to face some of his demons


A therapist helps Jake and Boyle solve a case, which leads to Jake taking a deeper look into himself on this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Sometimes, Jake Peralta is right on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Most of the time, his ideas seem outrageous and don’t make that much sense. But when he does things correctly, like peg a therapist as a killer, it also leads to plotlines like him having to reflect on his mistakes — which may or may not outweigh when he’s been right.

When a patient goes missing, her therapist Dr. Tate calls the precinct, saying that he’s worried about the patient because her husband was violent. Boyle and Jake go to investigate, and Jake initially doesn’t trust the therapist. As more and more information comes to light, Jake learns the therapist faked the husband’s “violent visions” because he didn’t want them to tell the world that the wife and him had an affair.

Jake goes alone to track the therapist down and ends up being trapped in a car with him. What could be a dangerous situation turns into a therapy session. Admitting why he doesn’t like therapists, Jake talks about how he went to one when he was a kid. As a kid, he acted out so his family suggested counseling, and that resulted in his parents airing out their problems and eventually getting divorced.

For all these years, Jake secretly thought that he was the reason his family fell apart, blaming himself and never talking to anyone about these issues. So… while yes, even though he almost died, Jake realizes that discussing these issues can help alleviate those issues. Following the capture of the therapist, Jake tells Boyle he’ll go see a therapist again.

Meanwhile at the precinct, Amy and Terry battle over Amy finding a package meant for Terry that includes a sex book. Terry doesn’t want to be embarrassed so he continues to claim it isn’t his and has Scully pretend like it is his book.

From there, we are met with Holt continually trying to prove to Rosa that he can meet her girlfriend and be cool about it. But Rosa isn’t sure because they are close and she wants Holt to like Jocelyn. Throughout the episode, she hires a fake girlfriend and keeps trying to not bring Jocelyn around but, in the end, brings her to the precinct and introduces her to Holt.

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Jake Peralta is going to start reflecting on his life and working through his problems. But is he going to follow through?

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