15 supremely cinematic music videos that could (and should) be feature films

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Nobody does a music video like K-pop stars. They pull out choreo, theatrics, special effects, high fashion, and everything else that makes a music video so amazing. That’s exactly why “FANTASTIC BABY” by Big Bang landed on our list, because who wouldn’t want to watch a full movie version of this one?

The video opens with G-Dragon sitting on a throne, looking like some kind of evil mastermind. There’s a revolution happening where rebels are fighting back against the Man, who’s trying to ban music. In this post-apocalyptic world, music-lovers are fighting to keep the music they love, and it seems like the band might be leading the revolution.

According to some interpretations, the video represents the band’s own fight to protect their music and their identities, and their fans are the ones defending them. For example, T.O.P is dressed like historical revolutionary figures like Napoleon to represent how Big Bang was revolutionary in the world of K-pop. They all rock some pretty amazing outfits,  though Taeyang spends most of the video shirtless because of course he does. (And honestly, who was complaining?)

It wouldn’t be a great music video unless it ends with a big dance break, so that’s exactly what they do. In an abandoned warehouse, the boys and the rebels all jam out together, and the music video ends with the band members all on their own thrones. Wow, fantastic baby!