Introducing Culturess’ Game of Marvels bracket


Never mind the 64 teams fighting to win the NCAA’s tournament. Culturess is asking readers to pick between the women of Game of Thrones and Marvel.

Even though March Madness brackets are being handed out and pored over today, as the round of 64 begins, Culturess has something a little different to divert you. Rather than trying to figure out which teams might make it all the way, we’re asking you — our readers — to play what we’re calling Game of Marvels.

It’s not 64 characters from Game of Thrones. Nor is it entirely the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead, we’ve picked 32 of the fiercest, wonderful women from Game of Thrones on one side and the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the other, asking you to pick between them.

Why these two groupings of women you ask? If you can’t tell from our social feeds or site, we’re extremely excited about Game of Thrones eighth and final season, as well as all the MCU has offered up this spring — from Captain Marvel this March to Avengers: Endgame in April.

Without further ado, behold the Game of Marvels bracket:

Images: Culturess/HBO, Marvel Studios

Starting March 22, we’ll be posting polls on our Twitter account @CulturessFS each day, asking fans to vote and thus advance certain characters. At the end, we’ll be down to one character from Game of Thrones and one from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there will be one final poll.

Looking at the first round of matchups, there are a couple that will absolutely be tough picks. Do you go with Margaery or Olenna Tyrell on the Game of Thrones side? What about Hela or Valkyrie on the Marvel side?

We here at Culturess don’t have specific ways to guide your votes. If you want to just vote on which character has resonated with you the most, in whatever way, that’s fine. If you want to think out who’d win in a match of basketball or any sport you can think of, go for it! The intent here is to both celebrate these women and to see, ultimately, just who would win.

This post will update daily with polls, making it easier to vote. Feel free to tweet your ideal brackets to us!