Harry Potter Marauders Spin-Off: Could Snape be redeemed?


Severus Snape has a complicated relationship among the Harry Potter fandom. If a Marauders Spin-Off ever happened could he be redeemed?

When it comes to Professor Severus Snape, the Harry Potter fandom is torn. Some fans cannot stand him, some fans think he is misunderstood, some fans love him and so on. The only thing the fandom can agree on; is when it comes to Snape, Alan Rickman nailed the character in the Wizarding World movies.

Now, we can spend all day talking about whether he is good, bad, or none of the above, but we really don’t have time for that. All I will say is, up until the final chapter, Snape’s character was unclear. We couldn’t tell what his motives where.

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It wasn’t until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that we got the full picture and the fandom started to split off in their opinions of him. Now some fans, myself included, wish things might have played out differently in the final chapter of Harry Potter, a chapter that pretty much made him appear less than favorable.

With all the talk of how one day we may see a Harry Potter TV show, if a Mauraders series was to be created, something a lot of fans want to see, could Snape be redeemed in any way? Could a storyline play out where Snape is no longer viewed in such a poor light?

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I’m honestly not sure if it is possible. I’m definitely not sure, if it is possible, how a story could be created to undo the view we now have of the famous Potion Master and Death Eater. But I would honestly like to see it happen.

Because, while you may not hold the same view as me, I do think Snape got the raw end of the deal. Up until the final chapter, I honestly thought there would be something, something that would explain, in an acceptable way, why he did the things he did.

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What are your thoughts on this matter? If a Marauders Spin-Off was ever given the go-ahead, would you like to see Snape get a second chance? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.