Star Wars Resistance: What’s next for Kaz, Tam, and the Colossus?


The first season of Star Wars Resistance is over, but we still have plenty of thoughts and questions regarding what happened in the finale and what’s to come in the second season later this fall.

Tam is now with the First Order, Kaz and the residents of the Colossus jumped into hyperspace, and lots of other wild stuff went down in the season finale of Star Wars Resistance. We’re still thinking about it days after. And we have no doubt those attending Star Wars Celebration Chicago are eagerly looking forward to the Star Wars Resistance panel on April 15 for more insights and answers.

For now, we have a few questions of our own.

First off, what’s going to happen to Tam? With her feeling betrayed by Yeager and Kaz, she made her choice and left with Agent Tierny and Commander Pyre. To the audience, it seems like an unwise decision, but that’s because we know the full picture. Tam is only working with her experiences, so she made a choice that felt right for herself in that moment.

Will she become a TIE fighter pilot? Will we see her training in the simulators that Sabine Wren once trained in when she infiltrated the Empire’s Skystrike Academy in Star Wars Rebels? Will she slowly start to realize that the First Order’s idea of peace and security involve oppression and instilling fear?

As for Kaz and everyone else on the Colossus, they’re hurtling through space into who knows what. Thanks to Neeku, they were able to escape the First Order’s reinforcements on Castilon, but where will they go next? They were supposed to arrive on D’Qar, but knowing their luck, they might appear light years away. What will they find on the other end? How will they get the fuel necessary to operate the Colossus?

Most importantly, what sort of conflicts will they encounter within the station itself? The pirates are now on board with them. Will Kragan Gorr want to find a way to take the Colossus for himself? Will the people who originally settled on the Colossus want to stay in a mobile station that’s meant to be used in war? Where will they go if they don’t want to stay on the Colossus?

As for the station itself, will Captain Doza want to share the ship with the Resistance down the line? He was willing to fight the First Order on Castilon in order to escape with their lives, but will he want to keep fighting for the good cause, especially if it means putting his daughter’s life in danger?

Speaking of Torra, she doesn’t strike us as the type of person to hide and let others do the protecting. Like her mother before her, we can see her putting herself on the front lines with or without her father’s approval.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what the other ace pilots have in mind, since we didn’t get to know them all that well in the first season. Will they want to stick around and continue to defend the Colossus? In a recent interview with io9, Executive Producer Justin Ridge mentioned how the ace pilots will play a bigger part during the second season.

We can’t wait to see their backgrounds fleshed out further, and we definitely can’t wait for the series to come back later this fall.

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